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Hebrew Illuminated Manuscripts
  The Yiddish Bellifortis, Southern Germany, 15th c.

© BSB, Photographer: Unknown,
Summary and Remarks

The manuscript was written in four languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, German and Latin, by an erudite Jew in the last quarter of the 15th century in South Germany. His sentences, mostly a mixture of Yiddish and Hebrew, are often written in a negligent hand and closely fill many margins, rendering the text illegible. This suggests that the treatises were copied for his own interest and for no one else. The drawings in the main follow those of the Bellifortis by Conrad Keyser (1402-5) and the Firework Book by an anonymous author of 1420. The immediate exemplar has not been identified.                                                                                                                                            It would be worthwhile studing the language and collating the texts.

Comparative material in the following manuscripts:

  1. Göttingen, NSUB 20 Cod. Ms. philos. 63 (1402-1405, 1420); (Quarg 1967).
  2. Göttingen, NSUB 20 Cod. Ms. philos. 64 (c.1430); (Friedrich and Rädle, I 1995)
  3. Göttingen, NSUB 20 Cod. Ms. philos. 64a (c.1425); (Friedrich and Rädle, II 1995).
  4. Munich, BSB clm 30150 (c.1460); (Lindgren et al. 2000).
  5. Munich, BSB cgm 600 (c.1418); (Leng 2000; Leng 2002, II pp. 205-6).
  6. Munich, BSB clm 197/I (1472-92); (Hall 1979).
  7. Wolfenbüttel HAB, 161 Blank. (c.1500); (Butzmann 1966; Leng 2002, II p.  440).
  8. Copenhagen, Arnamagnaeanische Sammlung der Universität, AM 374 20 (c.1450); (Olsen and Blosen 2006).

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The Yiddish Bellifortis | Unknown
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Last quarter of the 15th century
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Unknown |
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Germany | Munich | Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (BSB)
| Cod. hebr. 235 (Steinschneider 1895, No. 235)
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Unknown |
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Unknown |
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Part of quire VII2+22 (fols. 97-108) is loose.
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Compilation of diverse texts: 1. Fols. 5-67, 88v, 89v-90, 112, 114: Konrad Keyser Bellifortis (1405) and Anonymous Firework Book (1420) in Hebrew and Yiddish (Steinschneider 1864, vol. 25, No. 7, pp. 100-101). 2. Fols. 67v-70: Incantations, blessings and psalms in Hebrew, Yiddish, and Latin in Hebrew characters (fols. 67v-68). 3. Fols. 70v-88v: Geomancy tables and divinations in Hebrew: fols. 72-81 attributed to al-Fazari (9th century); 82-83v to Saadia Gaon (10th century); 81v, 84-87v to Achitofel; 87v-88v Geomancy tables in Latin, German, Yiddish and Hebrew of Johannes Hartlieb. 4. Fols. 90v-113v: Portions of Firework Book; magical recipies in Yiddish and Hebrew, and Onomancy tables (fols. 113-113v). 5. Fols. 126v-114v (sic): a) Johannes Hartlieb Onomatomantia in German (c.1437) including tables by "Plato, Ptolomy, Pythagoras, Aristotle and Haly Abenragel" (fols. 125, 121v, 120v, 119, 115v respectively), to calculate fates according to names and dates. 6. Fol. 127v: Lists of ailments and instructions.

Material:Paper, 4 + 126 + 3 leaves (flyleaves are numbered: 1-4, 128-130). Quality of paper varies: thicker for the coloured drawings, thinner for the text.       Measurements: Full page: (210-215) x (140-150) mm. Text space: variable. Scribes: ‫Single scribe, writing in various shades of brown ink. Script: Latin and German bastarda (fols. 87v-88v, 113v-114, 126v-114v - sic); Hebrew and Judeo-German Ashkenazi semi-cursive script. Columns: One column mostly surrounded with text along the margins. For most drawings there are marginal explanations. Number of lines: 30-39 horizontal lines for text pages, mostly surrounded by 3-9 lines in all or three margins. Ruling: None Pricking: None Quires 8 quires of various numbers of leaves: I18 (5-22); II18 (23-39, one leaf not numbered: 25bis); III22 (40-60, one leaf not numbered: 41bis); IV12 (61-71, one leaf not numbered: 61bis); V10 (72-81); VI8 (82-89); VII2+22 (90-113, two first leaves probably single; some leaves cut out between fols. 94-95); VIII14 (114-127). Catchwords: None Hebrew numeration: Fols. 75v-79/.: א'-ד' Fols. 91v-94: א'-ג' Blank leaves: Fols. 4v, 89, 127..

Number of Lines
Hebrew Numeration
Blank Leaves
Façade (main)
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Scribal Notes
Text and annotations are inseparable.

Watermarks: Flyleaves and paper have eight watermarks ranging from 1449-1481: A. Flyleaves: Munich, BSB Cod. hebr. 235 B. Paper: 1. Head of a bull without features (fol. 4; 50 mm). Munich, BSB Cod. hebr. 235: fol. 4. 2. Head of a bull topped by a star (fols. 13/14, 23/39, 24/38, 25/37, 25b/36, 28/33, 29/32, 42/57, 43/56, 47/52, 49/50, 61/71, 62/69, 64/67; 65 mm) – similar to Piccard #81199-81200 (Utrecht 1449-1450). 3. Head of a bull topped by a large star (fols. 72/81; 65 mm). 4. Unicorn (fols. 5/22, 9/18; 83 mm) - Close to Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart. Inventory J 340, Piccard watermark collection. No. 124163, o. O. 1481. Munich, BSB Cod. hebr.235: Unicorn, fols. 5/22, 9/18; 83 mm Piccard, watermark coll. No. 124163, o. O. 1481 5. Letter Y, a cross above, tail consisting of two lines (fols. 6/21, 10/17; 55 mm) - Close to Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart. Inventory J 340, Piccard watermark collection. No. 30485, Cologne 1476. Munich, BSB Cod. hebr. 235: fols. 6/21, 10/17 Piccard watermark coll. No. 30485, Cologne 1476 6. Bunch of grapes (fols. 73/80, 71/78; 42 mm) - Resembles Briquet, Les Filigranes 13055-6, 1465 Constance, Germany. Munich, BSB Cod. hebr. 235: fols. 73/80, 71/78 Briquet, Les Filigranes 13055-6, 1465, Constance, Germany 7. Gothic letter P with forked stem (fols. 82/89, 84/87; 37 mm) - Close to Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart. Inventory J 340, Piccard watermark collection No. 106798, o. O. 1471. Piccard watermark collection No. 106798, o. O. 1471 8. Gothic letter P with forked stem topped by a star (fols.116/125, 117/124, 120/121; 76 mm) - Close to Piccard, Cologne 1470 , Nr. 114625; Munich, BSB Cod. hebr.235: fols.116/125, 117/124, 120/121 Piccard, Cologne 1470, No. 114625.
Trade Mark

The 16th century binding (228 x154 mm): off-white pigskin on wooden boards, similarly blind-tooled on front and back cover with frames enclosing floral motifs. The spine has three double cords and head and tail bands. The front cover has vestiges of two straps and the back metal holders for clasps. The back cover is inscribed by J. A. Widmanstetter: Collectanea Hebraica ad/ machinas aliaque curiosa/ pertinentia. ex bibl. Trithemij.

Many books from Widmanstetter's library have similar bindings (Hartig 1917, p. 173, Pl. II).

Watermarks of the flyleaves: A cross on a hill within a quatrefoil, all enclosed by a circle (front cover and back cover first bifolium;43 mm). 

Decoration Program

Many full-page coloured and inscribed pen drawings. The colours designate the material: yellow for wood, blue for iron, red for fire. Blue also stands for water and the roofs of castle towers.

I. War Machines: fols. 5-38v, 39v-43v, 50-67, 88v, 89v-90, 112, 114:

  1. Catapults (palintonons, mange, trebuchets), levers, crossbow and sling: fols. 5, 10-12, 15v.
  2. Cannon mounts (Balkenlades, Lafettes): fols. 6-7v, 50v, 62, 114.
  3. Cannon hoists and hoists: fols. 9v, 12v-15, 57, 62-63v, 91v, 112.
  4. Cannon carriages and cannon: fols. 8, 35, 50, 88v, 114.
  5. Mobile siege engines, towers and ramps: fols. 8v-9, 20-22.
  6. Shields, shield-carriages, armoured vehicles: fols. 16-18, 18v-19v, 22v, 28v, 30v, 58v.
  7. Battering rams, combat engines: fols. 23-27v, 43.
  8. Boats, rafts, water barriers, diving gear: fols. 28, 29-30, 33-34v, 56.
  9. Bridges: fols. 31-32, 35v-37v, 38v, 58, 59-59v.
  10. Ladders: fols. 32v, 51-55, 56v, 57v.
  11. Obstruction and mine detectors and gear: fols. 55v-56.
  12. Mill, water-pump, machine parts, tools, pipes: fols. 5v, 38v, 39v-43v, 56v, 67, 12.
  13. Fortresses: fols. 60-61v, 64-66v.
  14. Defence camp and marching into battle: fols. 89v-90.

II. Firework Book: fols. 39, 44-49v.

III. Geomancy: fols. 70v, 71v, 87v-88v.

IV. Onomancy wheels: fols. 113-113v.




Suggested Reconsdivuction
Owner's inscriptions by J. A. Widmanstetter: •Back cover: Collectanea Hebraica ad/ machinas aliaque curiosa/ pertinentia. ex bibl. Trithemij. •Fol. 4: the contents of the manuscript: Machinae bellicae hebraicae/ Curiosa quidam et artificiosa/ Geomantica/ Sortes per responsa prophetarum et regum/ Sortes per nummero (sic) 89/ Item curiosa quidam et bellica/ Sortes platonis, aristotelis, pythagore/ cum nonnullis curiosis annotationibus. Signed below: Joannis Alberti Widmustadij. Inscriptions of librarians and researchers: •Fol. 3v: the contents of the manuscript: כלי מלחמה שירוצון בהן הגדוד להפיל עיר החומה/ סגולה מחיות הארץ על דרך הנקודות/ גורלות בעד התשובות הנביאים והמלכים/ גורלות מן רבי סעדיה וכבר ניסו אנשי אשכנז/ ואנשי בבל צרפת וספרד/ גול ((erased גורלות פלאטניש תלמי פיתאגרי אריסוטלים/ האלי אבן רגל •Fol. 1: ליקוטים מידיעות מחולקות(Compilation of diverse texts). Ex-libris and stamps: •Inside front cover: an ex-libris of the Bavarian Court and State Library (225 x 153 mm) with arms of Elector Maximilian I of 1630 (Dressler 1972: B3ab). It is stuck over the earlier ex-libris (175 x 137 mm) of 1618, of Duke Maximilian I before he became Elector in 1623 (Dressler 1972: A3a-f). •Fols. 1, 3, 127: oval stamp of the Bavarian Library inscribed: BIBLIOTHECA/ REGIA/ MONACENSIS. Signatures: •Bottom of back cover: 4. 41 (Duke's library, Prommer's revision of 1583?). •On the spine: Hebr. 146; 441 (later signatures). •Fol. 1 (erased): 140/41. •A sticker on the spine and on the back pastedown: Cod. hebr. 235 (present signature). •On the ex-libris, on fol. 1 and on the back pastedown in plummet: Cod. hebr. 235 (present signature).
Main Surveys & Excavations

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