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Seder plate (See also: Haggadah, Passover)

(of subject) 7 of 7 artpiece(s) in subject set as Seder plate (See also: Haggadah, Passover):
Passover cloth
*Year cycle | *Passover | Passover clothing

C | Crowns, the Four (listed according to Misnah, Avot, 4:13) | Crown of a Good Name
A | Animals, the Four (Mishnah, Avot, 5:20)
H | Heraldic composition | Central element | Medallion with inscription (central element of heraldic composition )
H | Holy and other places in the Land of Israel | Cities | The Four Holy Cities
S | Seder plate
H | Haggadah, Passover (Listed according to the text of the Haggadah; See also separate biblical subjects in this list) | The Main part of the Haggadah (arranged with the Ritual Acts (Seder Signs) interspersed with the main components of the text of the Haggadah): | Barekh (Grace after Meals) | Bottle and cup
W | Wine, bottle of
T | Temple Mount
L | Lamb of Passover
J | Jerusalem
T | Temple of Jerusalem | Temple of Jerusalem as the Dome of the Rock
M | Menorah
J | Jerusalem | Sites in Jerusalem: | Western Wall (Kotel) הכותל המערבי

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Przedbórz Synagogue Passover Plate from the series "Polish Synagogues Reimagined as Jewish Ceremonial Objects"
*Fine art | Painting

S | Synagogue
S | Synagogue | Synagogues in Poland | Wooden Synagogue in Przedbórz
S | Seder plate

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