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Eagle (See also: Animals, the Four, Meshal ha-Kadmoni, Part II, Meshal ha-Kadmoni, Part IV)
Ear (botany)
Ear (organ of hearing)
Eden, Garden of (See also: Eve, Adam, Adam and Eve, Isaac returning from Garden of Eden)
Egyptian Gods
Egyptians (See also: Israelites in bondage in Egypt, Sons, the Four, the wicked son, Israelites building Pithom and Raamses, Pharaoh bathing in blood, Israelites male Infants, cast into the river, Plagues, the Ten)
Eighteen (18) - Hai
Elephant (See also: Gates of Mercy under: Atonement, Day of)
Eliezer, Abraham's servant (See also Isaac, Sacrifice of, Rebecca on the way to Isaac)
Elijah (See also: Circumcision, Messiah, Coming of)
Elim, Wells of
Elkhanah (See also: Samuel, brought to Eli)
Emblem (See also: Coat of arms)
Emperors, kings, leaders and their relatives (See also Jewish Rulers and their relatives)
Encampment of the Tribes in the desert (See also: Be'er, Well of)
End of Days (Not used; See: Messianic days)
Eruv (mixing)
Esau (See also: Isaac, Jacob, Rebecca giving birth)
Esther, Book of (following the order of the story)
Esther Scroll, Reading the
Evronot, Book of (listed according to the types of illustration)
Exodus from Egypt (See also: Israelites carrying of the dough from Egypt, Passover lamb in Egypt, Red Sea, Egyptians pursuing the Israelites)
Elul, month of