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Universe, harmony of (See also: matzah under: Haggadah, Passover)

(of subject) 2 of 2 artpiece(s) in subject set as Universe, harmony of (See also: matzah under: Haggadah, Passover):
Ex libris of Albert Einstein
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U | Universe, harmony of

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Kehonat Avraham by Avraham ben Shabbtai Hacohen
*Manuscripts and Printed Books | Biblical commentaries

T | Title-page
O | Ornamentation: | Full page framed | Full page framed by text
D | David | David as musician
C | Crowns, the Four (listed according to Misnah, Avot, 4:13) | Crown of Priesthood
M | Magen David
A | Angel , (Sandalfon (angel)), (Metatron (angel))
P | Putto (Putti in Plural)
M | Musical Instruments
U | Universe, harmony of | Winds, the four
P | Priest (Cohen; See also: High Priest, Elazar the Priest) | Priestly Blessing
P | Printer's Mark | HaCohen, Abraham b. Shabbetai, of Venice, Printer's mark (Yaari, no. 97)
H | Holy and other places in the Land of Israel | Mamre אלון ממרא
M | Medical Examination Symptoms and Treatment | Abraham's precious stone, which healed all those who looked at it (Bab. Talmud, Bava Batra 16b)
M | Musician | Asaph, singer in the Temple
M | Musician | Ethan, singer in the Temple
M | Musician | Heman, singer in the Temple
M | Musician | Jeduthun, singer in the Temple
T | Tree | One whose deeds exceed his wisdom is like a tree that has few branches but many roots so that even if all the winds of the world come and blow upon it they cannot move it from its place (Mishnah, Avot, 3:17)

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