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Tabernacle (See also: Sanctuary Implements)
Tablets of the Law (See also:Tablets of the Law (central element of heraldic composition), Oral Law, Moses and Aaron teaching)
Tabula Ansata
Tables of the Covenant (Not used; See: Tablets of the Law)
Tallit (Prayer Shawl; See also: Prayer)
Temple Mount (See also:Temple of Jerusalem, Isaac, Sacrifice of)
Temple of Jerusalem (See also: Sanctuary Implements, Western Wall, Heikhal, Temple Mount, Tamid)
Ten Commandments (Not used; See Tablets of the Law under: Sanctuary Implements, Moses and the Decalogue, Torah, giving of)
Terumot and Ma'aserot (Heb. מַעַשְׂרוֹת; Tithes)
Text written in micrography
Text written in micrography forming a scene
Thanksgiving benedictiond
Theatre (See also: Theatrical scene, Evronot under: Evronot, Book of)
Tiger (See also: Animals, the Four)
Together: Literal word illustration
Tohorot, the sixth Seder of the Mishnah
Tomb (burial cave)
Tower (See also Babylon, Tower of)
Torah coronet
Torah finials
Torah pointer
Torah scroll (See also: Oral Law, Moses and Aaron teaching)
Torah shield (See also: Synagogue)
Torch (See also: Torch (War Machines))
Torah, Giving of (See also: Moses and the Decalogue)
Travel, pyayer for
Traveller (See also: Youth of Zion approaching a city under: Meshal ha-Kadmoni, Part IV, Ze Ulemad(Come out and learn) under: Haggadah, Passover)
Tree (See also: Asher (Tribes/Sons of Israel), Elim, Wells of)
Tribes/Sons of Israel (See also: Red Sea; Encampment of the Tribes in the desert; Ephod; Armorial device; Hoshen; Jacob’s sons and daughter; Joseph and his brothers; Israel, Map of; Elim, Wells of)
Triumphal procession
Tu Bi-Shevat (15th of Shevat; the New Year of Trees.)
Turkey (bird)
Toy (doll)