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Joseph (See also: Joseph (Tribes/Sons of Israel), Joseph, as one of the Ushpizin)

(of subject) 17 of 17 artpiece(s) in subject set as Joseph (See also: Joseph (Tribes/Sons of Israel), Joseph, as one of the Ushpizin):
Coat of many colors
*Fine art | Painting


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Narrower Term

Joseph and his brothers
Joseph, stripped of Coat (Gen. 37:23)
Joseph's dreams
'And he (Joseph) told it to his father (Jacob), and to his brethern and his father rebuked him' (Gen. 37:10)
Joseph, cast into pit (Gen. 37:24)
Joseph, taken from pit (Gen. 37:28)
Joseph, sold to Ishmaelites (Gen. 37:28)
Joseph and Potiphar's wife
Joseph before Pharaoh
Joseph in Egypt
Joseph interpreting Pharaoh's dreams
Joseph interpreting the dreams of the butler and the baker
Joseph meeting Benjamin
Joseph meeting brethren in Dothan
Joseph meeting an angel (Gen. Rabbah, 84:14)
Joseph meeting Jacob
Joseph sent to prison
Joseph sent to Shechem
Joseph, ruler over all Egypt
Joseph Advancement (Gen. 41:39-44)
Joseph giving the Egyptians seed to sow the land (Gen. 47:23)
Joseph meeting brethren in Egypt, first time (Gen. 42:2-7)
Goblet found in Benjamin's bag
Joseph, Brethren, Cup placed in Sack of Benjamin (Gen. 44:2)
Joseph, Brethren recognizing Joseph
Joseph, and his brothers feasting and divining with the goblet
Joseph, Arresting Simeon
Joseph, Brothers plead to him for Benjamin
Joseph, Coat smeared with blood
Joseph, Death (See: Israelites carrying Joseph's coffin)
Joseph presenting his brothers to Pharaoh
God blessed Potiphar because of joseph