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Synagogues in Lithuania

A CatalogueSynagogues in Lithuania A-M

Editors: Aliza Cohen- Mushlin, Sergey Kravtsov, Vladimir Levin, Giedrė Mickūnaite and Jurgita Šiauciūnaitė-Verbickienė (Vilnius: Vilnius Academy of Arts Press, 2010-2012).

First volume: 333 pages, with 501 color illustrations
Price: Out of print!

Second Volume: 472 pages, with 759 color illustrations
Price: Out of print!

Synagogues in Lithuania N-Z

This publication offers a catalogue of the extant synagogues in Lithuania: 96 buildings in 59 cities and towns, among them 17 synagogues built of wood. Until World War II there were about 1,000 Jewish prayer houses in Lithuania, while today only 10% exist, many abandoned and in different state of deterioration. Only three synagogues are active.
The catalogue consists of 59 geographical entries. Each entry includes a short overview of the history of the Jewish community in the town where a synagogue is preserved, comprehensive information about the vanished synagogues in that town and a detailed description of the extant synagogue building or buildings. The entries are richly illustrated with archival historical photographs and architectural designs of the synagogues, and recent documentation of the extant buildings with measured architectural drawings. The catalogue has two introductory articles: “Synagogues in Lithuania: A Historical Overview” by Dr. Vladimir Levin and “Synagogue Architecture in Lithuania” by Dr. Sergey Kravtsov.
The catalogue includes the following entries:
Alanta, Alsėdžiai, Alytus, Anykščiai, Balbieriškis, Biržai, Čekiškė, Daugai, Eišiškės, Jonava, Joniškėlis, Joniškis, Kaltinėnai, Kalvarija, Kaunas, Kėdainiai, Klaipėda, Krekenava, Kupiškis, Kurkliai, Laukuva, Lazdijai, Linkuva, Lygumai, Marijampolė, Merkinė, Pakruojis, Panevėžys, Pasvalys, Plungė, Prienai, Pušalotas, Raguva, Ramygala, Rietavas, Rozalimas, Salantai, Seda, Šeta, Šiauliai, Šilalė, Simnas, Širvintos, Skaudvilė, Švėkšna, Telšiai, Tirkšliai, Troškūnai, Ukmergė, Utena, Vabalninkas, Veisiejai, Vilnius, Vištytis, Žagarė, Zarasai, Žasliai, Žemaičių Naumiestis, Žiežmariai.


DVD: The Great Synagogue in Ostrog

Price:$18.00 (including shipment)

This DVD contains a presentation of the history and architecture of the famous Great Synagogue in Ostrog, Ukraine, including three-dimensional computer models of the building. The presenta­tion is available in English, Hebrew, Russian and German. The DVD also contains a written description from the Jerusalem Index of Jewish Art.


Ingathering of the Nations.
Treasures of Jewish Art: Documenting an Endangered Legacy

By Ariella Amar and Ruth Jacoby
Jerusalem, 1998
In English and Hebrew.

140 pages, with 113 color illustrations
Price: $49.00

This handsome publication, dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of the State of Israel, is a sampling of remarkable finds from 10 countries showing the variety and beauty of the Jewish artistic tradition. The photographs are supplemented by a general introduction by Prof. Bezalel Narkiss, an introduction to each country, and condensed descriptions of each object with the preliminary results of research.

Of special interest are the photos of Jewish art and architecture taken in Eastern Europe, Asia and North Africa. The endangered Jewish communities in these regions have undergone massive upheavals in the 20th century and, often, the Center's documentation is the last witness that Jews once thrived there.

Table of Contents:

  1. Ancient Israel 6. Ukraine
  2. Egypt 7. Russia
  3. Tunisia 8. Georgia
  4. Germany 9. Uzbekistan
  5. Poland 10. India
  11. Israel


Antisemitic Hate Signs in Hebrew Illuminated Manuscripts from Medieval Germany

by Ruth Mellinkoff
Jerusalem, 1999

158 pages, 92 illustrations
Price: $40.00Antesemitic Haye Signs in HIM

In this provocative book Dr. Ruth Mellinkoff suggests that although manuscripts were executed under the supervision of Jewish scribes for Jewish patrons, the art work was carried out by Christian artists, who inserted signs of their loathing of Jews. Antisemitism was so ingrained in the cultural givings of the period, that neither scribes nor patrons saw them for the hate signs which in fact they were. Dr. Mellinkoff is renowned as one of the few scholars who prove that the unusual is commonplace in artistic representations.


Afghanistan: The Synagogue and the Jewish Home

edited by Zohar Hanegbi and Bracha YanivAfghanistan
Jerusalem, 1991

220 pages, 167 illustrations, 30 in color
Price: $40.00

A fascinating and colorful tribute to the unique and little-known Jewish community from Afghanistan. This handsome book includes explanatory and historical material in both English and Hebrew, as well as documentation of 76 items.

Collector's Edition: Add to your library one of the exclusive volumes of the 500 cloth-bound and numbered copies with a special colophon for collectors and supporters of this book ($60.00).


From Dura to Rembrandt: Studies in the History of Art

by Rachel Wischnitzer.From Dura to Rembrandt
Jerusalem, 1990

216 pages, 96 illustrations, 3 in color
Out of print

This compilation of 19 articles by the doyenne of historians of Jewish Art celebrates her life and work. Included also is the life story of Rachel Wischnitzer as told by Professor Bezalel Narkiss and a full bibliography of her writing by Professor Rochelle Weinstein.


Ancient Synagogues: Architectural Glossary

by Ruth Jacoby and Rina Talgam
Jerusalem, 1988

32 pages, 65 illustrations, paperback
Price: $15.00

This convenient research tool provides terminology for the researcher of ancient architecture and specifically the synagogues of Israel. The booklet is divided into four sections: Illustrated Architectural Glossary, Architectural Terms, Glossary of Techniques and an Illustrated List of Decorative Terms.


Hebrew Inscriptions and Their Translations

by Bracha Yaniv, Zohar Hanegbi and Shalom Sabar
Jerusalem, 1988

49 pages, paperback
Price: $15.00

A compilation of suggested English translations of Hebrew inscriptions found on ceremonial objects worldwide. Its contents include entries under the following headings: Term of Divinity, Verses and Sayings, Synagogues and Ceremonial Objects, Cycle of the Year, Life Cycle and the Community.


Ohel Moshe: The Synagogue and its Ritual Objects

by Yosef Katz, Tamar Moscovitz, Tamar Manor, Naomi Fuechtwanger and Chaya Friedberg.Ohel Moshe
Jerusalem, 1984
In Hebrew.
Published in cooperation with Misgav Yerushalayim.

94 pages, 130 illustrations, 3 in color
Out of print

This volume was published in celebration of the centennial of the Sephardi neighborhood and its synagogue built outside the city walls of Jerusalem in commemoration of Sir Moses Montefiore. The first part of the book tells the history of the neighborhood with plans and reproductions of many documents; the second part describes the synagogue and a depiction of the ritual objects foun within.


The World Directory of Jewish Museums
The World Directory of Jewish Museums

Jerusalem 1994

170 pages, softcover
Price: $7.00

This handy guide was compiled by the Center for Jewish Art researchers as they traveled worldwide to document Jewish art. With 188 entries from 37 countries, it is the most complete listing to date, including little-known collections in the former USSR and Eastern Europe, as well as numerous museums in Western Europe and North America. Wherever possible, telephone and fax numbers, contact people and information pertaining to the collections and museum activities are provided.


Hebrew Language Publications

Between Judaism and Islam in the Mirror of Art

Edited by Shalom SabarBetween Judaism and Islam in the Mirror of Art
Jerusalem, 1995

72 pages, 73 illustrations, 47 in color
Price: $15.00

This publication is a compilation of the lectures delivered at the twenty-seventh annual Passover Conference of the Society for Jewish Art held in 1995. The conference sought to examine different aspects of the artistic encounter and the mutual influences between the visual cultures of the Jewish and the Arab peoples from the Middle Ages until the present. The lectures are fully noted and have accompanying photos.

Rabbi Yochanan Fried
"Faithfulness and Truth Meet, Justice and Well Being Kiss"
Ariela Amar
Moses and Musa: Moses Stories in the Musa Nama
Aviva Muller-Lancet
The Specifity of Jewish Women's Veil in Baghdad
Ra'ya Shani
Jewish-Muslim Encounter in Iran and its Magic Aspect
Rachel Hasson
Hebrew Inscriptions on Islamic Objects from Medieval Iran
Idit Pinchas
The Baghdadi Hanukkah Lamp as a Reflection of Jewish-Muslim Relations
Na'ama Brosh
Jewish-Muslim Damascene Work
Ronit Sorek
Asim Abu-Shakra: Between the Cactus Fruit ("Sabres") and the "Sabra"
Shlomit Steinberg
The Time of the Camel: the Concept of the Orient in David Reeb's Work

See also Rimonim


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