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Masterpieces of Jewish Art Series:

A Pictorial Series of Treasures in the Commonwealth of Independent States.

These books, rich with beautiful illustrations, are accompanied by the text in English and Russian written by leading art historians in the former Soviet Union. The first seven of a projected series of fifteen volumes have been published and are available through the CJA.


Hebrew Manuscript Ornaments (NEW)

by O. Vasilieva, B. Zaikovsky and A. Kantsedikas (Moscow – Tel Aviv, 2003)
137 pages
of text, 161 full-page color illustrations, 18 b/w ills.
Price: $50.00

This volume presents one of finest collections of Hebrew illuminated manuscripts, which is held in the Russian National Library in St. Petersburg. This is the first time that the majority of manuscripts from this important collection has been photographically reproduced. The book also includes a history of the collection by Olga Vasilieva, a foreword by Baron David Ginzburg on his album "L'ornament hebreu," published in 1905, and a translation of an article, "On Jewish Art," by Vladimir Stasov first published in 1872.


The Jewish Artistic Heritage Album by Semyon An-sky (NEW)

by A. Kantsedikas and I. Sergeyeva
334 pages, 101 full-page illustrations
Price: $60.00

This volume acquaints the reader with the unique Jewish Artistic Heritage Album, which was prepared for publication by known Jewish writer, ethnographer and public figure Semyon (Shloyme) An-sky in 1918. The vicissitudes of the Rus­sian Revolution prevented the publication from materializing and now, more than eighty years later, the reader has a chance to see the remarkable works of Jewish craftsmen and artists of past centuries collected in this album.


Wooden Synagogues

by Z. Yargina

368 pages, 212 illustrations, 23 in color
Out of print



Jewish Tombstones in Ukraine and Moldova

by D. Goberman
322 pages, 206 illustrations, 23 in color
Price: $50.00




by A. Kantsedikas, Y. Volkovinskaya and T. Romanovskaya

382 pages, 202 illustrations, 130 in color
Price: $50.00


Artists from Vitebsk

by G. Kasovsky

384 pages, 206 illustrations, 87 in color
Price: $50.00



by A. Kantsedikas

318 pages, 162 illustrations, 73 in color
Price: $50.00


The price for the complete set (six books) is $249.00






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