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The Center's annual, Jewish Art (formerly the Journal of Jewish Art) is the only periodical devoted to the subject, and has been spearheading the ongoing discussion defining Jewish art since its first issue in 1974. Its articles examine the historical connections of Jewish art to Christian and Islamic art, as well as to the local styles and cultures wherever it flourished. Most articles are in English, with a few appearing in other European languages. Each volume also includes a yearly calendar of events and a list of publications concerning Jewish art worldwide.Jewish Art, formerly the Journal of Jewish Art was started in 1974 by Maurice Spertus and Professor Bezalel Narkiss.

Table of Contents:
  • Journal of Jewish Art, Volume 1 (1974)
  • Journal of Jewish Art, Volume 2 (1975)
  • Journal of Jewish Art, Volume 3/4(1976/1977)
  • Journal of Jewish Art, Volume 5 (1978)
  • Journal of Jewish Art, Volume 6 (1979)
  • Journal of Jewish Art, Volume 7 (1980)
  • Journal of Jewish Art, Volume 8 (1981)
  • Journal of Jewish Art, Volume 9 (1982)
  • Journal of Jewish Art, Volume 10 (1984)
  • Journal of Jewish Art, Volume 11 (1985)
  • Jewish Art, Volume 12/13 (1986/1987)
  • Jewish Art, Volume 14 (1988)
  • Jewish Art, Volume 15 (1989)
  • Jewish Art, Volume 16/17 (1990/1991)
  • Jewish Art, Volume 18: Sepharad (1992)
  • Jewish Art, Volume 19/20 (1993/1994)
  • Jewish Art, Volume 21/22: Eastern Europe 1 (1995/1996)
  • Jewish Art, Volume 23/24: The Real and Ideal Jerusalem in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Art (1997/1998)

  • Jewish ArtVolume 23/24: The Real and Ideal Jerusalem in Jewish, Christian and Islamic Art (1997/1998)Edited by Dr. Aliza Cohen-Mushlin & Prof. Bianca Kühnel689 pages, 541 illustrations, 155 in colorJewish Art, volume 23/24This volume is dedicated to Bezalel Narkiss on the occasion of his seventieth birthday
    Gabrielle Sed-Rajna
    From Bezalel to Bezalel
    Bianca Kühnel
    The Use and Abuse of Jerusalem

    I. Written Sources and Local Traditions
    Shemaryahu Talmon
    The Signification of Jerusalem in Biblical Thought
    Ora Limor
    The Place of the End of Days: Eschatological Geography in Jerusalem
    Heribert Busse
    The Temple of Jerusalem and its Restitution by 'Abd al-Malik b. Marwan
    Pricilla Soucek
    The Temple after Solomon: The Role of Maryam Bint 'Imran and her Mihrab
    II. Symbols of the Tabernacle and Temple
    Gabrielle Sed-Rajna
    Images of the Tabernacle/Temple in Late Antique and Medieval Art: The State of Research
    Elisheva Revel-Neher
    Antiquus populus, novus populus: Jerusalem and the People of God in the Germigny-des-Prés Carolingian Mosaic
    Martina Pipal
    Relations of Time and Space: The Temple of Jerusalem as the Domus Ecclesiae in the Carolingian Period
    Ariella Amar
    The Menorah of Zechariah's Vision: Olive Trees and Grapevines
    Annette Weber
    Ark and Curtain: Monuments for a Jewish Nation in Exile
    III. Jewish Sources - Christian Interpretations
    Rainer Stichel
    Scenes from the Life of King David in Dura Europos and in Byzantine Art
    Henry Maguire
    Davidic Virtue: The Crown of Constantine Monamachos and its Images
    Herbert L. Kessler
    'Thou Shalt Paint the Likeness of Christ Himself': The Mosaic Prohibition as Provocation for Christian Images
    IV. The Holy Sepulchre
    W. Eugene Kleinbauer
    The Anastasis Rotunda and Christian Architectural Invention
    George P. Lavas
    The Rock of Calvary: Uncovering Christ's Crucifixion Site
    Gustav Kühnel
    Between Jerusalem and Bethlehem: The Dating of a newly Recovered Tessera of Crusader Mosaic Decoration
    Jaroslav Folda
    Jerusalem and the Holy Sepulchre through the Eyes of Crusader Pilgrims
    V. The Loss of Jerusalem in Liturgy and Art
    Amnon Linder
    The Loss of Christian Jerusalem in Late Medieval Liturgy
    Kathryn A. Smith
    The Destruction of Jerusalem Miniatures in the Neville of Hornby Hours and their Visual, Literary and Devotional Contexts
    Batsheva Goldman-Ida
    Black on White - A Remembrance of Jerusalem
    VI. Reproductions of the Temple
    Daniel H. Weiss
    Hec est Domus Domini firmiter edificata: The Image of the Temple in Crusader Art
    Paul von Naredi-Rainer
    Between Vatable and Villalpando: Aspects of Postmedieval Reception of the Temple in Christian Art
    Lola Kantor Kazovsky
    Piranesi and Villalpando: The Concept of the Temple in European Architectural Theory
    Luis Mariano Akerman
    The Evocative Character of Luis Kahn's Hurva Synagogue Project, 1967-1974
    VII. The Ideal City - Western Art
    Jonathan J.G. Alexander
    'Jerusalem the Golden': Image and Myth in the Middle Ages in Western Europe
    Peter Low
    The Cuty Refigured: A Pentecostal Jerusalem in the San Paolo Bible
    Wilhelm Schlink
    The Gothic Cathedral as Heavenly Jerusalem: A Fiction in German Art History
    Sílvia Planas i Marcé and Joan Broadas i Raset
    Jerusalem from Girona: A Sixteenth-Century Representation of the Holy City
    Shalom Sabar
    Messianic Aspiraations and Renaissance Urban Ideals: The Image of Jerusalem in the Venice Haggadah, 1609
    Larry Sulver
    Mapped and Marginalized: Early Printed Images of Jerusalem
    Avigdor W.G. Posèq
    The "New Jerusalem," the Star of Zion and the Mandala
    VIII. The Ideal City - Eastern Art
    Alexei Lidov
    Heavenly Jerusalem: The Byzantine Approach
    Alexander Saminsky
    A Reference to Jerusalem in a Georgian Gospel Book
    Waldemar Deluga
    Gravures et vues de Jérusalem dans les Proskynetarions grecs et leurs copies serbes et russes du XVIIIème siècle
    Tatiana Kh. Starodoub
    The Idea of the Holy City in Medieval Muslim Painting
    Eva Baer
    Visual Representations of Jerusalem's Holy Islamic Sites
    IX. Jerusalem Elsewhere
    Robert Ousterhout
    Flexible Geography and Transportable Topography
    Wendy Pullan
    Jerusalem from Alpha to Omega in the Santa Pudenziana Mosaic
    Gerhard Wolf
    Laetare filia Sion. Ecce ego venio et habitabo in medio tui: Images of Christ Transferred to Rome from Jerusalem
    Cathleen A. Fleck
    Linking Jerusaleem and Rome in the Fourteenth Century: Images of Jerusalem and the Temple in the Italian Bible of Anti-Pope Clement VII
    Hana Taragan
    The Image of the Dome of the Rock in Cairene Mamluk Architecture
    X. Archaeological and Artistic Episodes in Jerusalem
    Ruth Jacoby
    The Decoration and Plan of Queen Helena's Tomb in Jerusalem
    Myriam Rosen-Ayalon
    Jewish Substratum, Christian History and Muslim Symbolism: An Archaeological Episode in Jerusalem
    Sylvia Auld
    The Jewelled Surface: Architectural Decoration of Jerusalem in the Age of Sleyman-Qanuni
    XI. The Peaceful Crusades of the Ninetheenth Century
    Piotr Paszkiewicz
    In the Shadow of the Black Eagle: Russia's Imperial Policy and its Impact on the Architecture of Jerusalem
    Chana C. Schütz
    Karl Friedrich Schinkel's Design for the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Prussian Involvement in Jerusalem during the Nineteenth Century
    XII. New Myths: Modern and Contemporary Art
    Jerzy Malinowski
    Jerusalem in Modern Jewish Art in Poland and Central-Eastern Europe
    Ziva Amishai-Maisels
    Chagall's Jerusalem
    Igor Doukhan
    Beyond the Holy City: Symbolic Intentions in the Avant-Garde Urban Utopia
    Gannit Ankori
    Behind the Walls: The Real and Ideal Jerusalem in Contemporary Palestinian Art
    Milly Heyd
    Jerusalem: Anti-Myth
    George Segal
    Reflections on my Work While in Jerusalem
    Milly Heyd
    George Segal: The Multifaceted Sacrifice

    Exhibition Reviews:

    Matthew Baigell
    Russian Jewish Artists in a Century of Change, 1890-1900, Jewish Museum, New York
    Ziva Amishai-Maisels
    Too Jewish? Challenging Traditional Identities, Jewish Museum, New York

    Jewish ArtVolume 21/22: Eastern Europe 1 (1995/1996)Edited by Dr. Aliza Cohen-Mushlin & Prof. Ziva Amishai-Maisels222 pages, 175 illustrations, 49 in colorJewish Art, volume 21/22
    Elena Itkina
    The Jewish Theme in Russian Graphic Art of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries: A Survey of the Collection of the State Historical Museum, Moscow
    Hillel Kazovsky
    Jewish Artists in Russia at the Turn of the Century: Issues of National Self-Identification in Art
    Mirjam Rajner
    Chagall: The Artist and the Poet
    Ziva Amishai-Maisels
    Chagall's Dedicated to Christ: Sources and Meanings
    Seth Wolitz
    Chagall's Last Soviet Performance:The Graphics for Troyer, 1922
    Grigory Ostrovsky
    The Jewish Artistic Community in Galicia in the 1930s
    Igor Aronov
    The Sources of Joseph Zaritsky's Art
    Lola Kantor-Kazovsky
    Dimitry Lion: Jewish Experience and the Philosophy of Drawing
    Marina Genkina
    The "Aleph" Group
    Alexander Okun
    Some Thoughts on the Aleph Group
    Book Reviews:
    Ilia Rodov
    Bridges and Gaps: Iskusstvo (Art), Moscow, 1, 1994
    Sharman Kadish
    Frank Felsenstein, Anti-Semitic Stereotypes: A Paradigm of Otherness in English Popular Culture 1660-1830
    Avram Kampf
    Ziva Amishai-Maisels, Depiction and Interpretation: The Influence of the Holocaust on the Visual Arts

    Jewish Art
    Volume 19/20 (1993/1994)Jewish Art, volume 19/20Edited by Dr. Aliza Cohen-Mushlin272 pages, 264 illustrations, 103 in color
    Naomi Feuchtwanger-Sarig
    Fischach and Jerusalem: The Story of a Painted Sukkah
    Laura Rachel Felleman Fattal
    American Sephardi Synagogue Architecture
    Evelyn L. Greenberg
    The Tabernacle in the Wilderness: The Mishkan Theme in Percival Goodman's Modern American Synagogues
    Joseph Patrich
    The Golden Vine, the Sanctuary Portal, and its Depiction on the Bar-Kokhba Coins
    Ralf Busch
    Johan Lund, seine "Alten jüdischen Heiligtümer" und die Vorstellung vom salomonischen Tempel
    Yaffa Levy
    Ezekiel's Plan in an Early Karaite Bible
    Luisa Mortara Ottolenghi
    Scribes,Patrons and Artists of Italian Illuminated Manuscripts in Hebrew
    Elliot Horowitz
    Giotto in Avignon, Adler in London, Panofsky in Princeton: On the Odyssey of an Illustrated Hebrew Manuscript from Italy and on its Meaning
    Bianca Kühnel
    The Personifications of Church and Synagogue in Byzantine Art: Towards a History of the Motif
    Mira Friedman
    Pagan Images in Jewish Art
    Harold Brodsky
    The Seventeenth-Century Haggadah Map of Avraham Ben Yaacov
    L. Y. Rahmani
    Three Desk Seals in the Jewish Museum, London
    Annette Weber
    Splendid Bridal Gifts from a Sumptuous Wedding Ceremony of 1681 in the Frankfurt Judengasse
    Ilona Pataky-Brestyánszky
    The Becker Family: Silversmiths of Bratislava
    Milly Heyd and Ezra Mendelsohn
    "Jewish" Art? The Case of the Soyer Brothers
    Avigdor W. G. Posèq
    The "David-Orpheus" Motif in Jacques Lipchitz
    Gannit Ankori
    The Hidden Frida: Covert Jewish Elements in the Art of Frida Kahlo
    Victor Klagsbald
    Àpropos de l'illustration du chandelier a sept branches sur un acte de mariage
    Book Review:
    Shalom Sabar
    Leila Avrin, Scribes, Script and Books

    Jewish Art
    Volume 18: Sepharad (1992)Jewish Art, volume 18Edited by Dr. Aliza Cohen-Mushlin211 pages, 201 illustrations, 111 in color
    Yom-Tov Assis
    Synagogues in Mediaeval Spain
    Bezalel Narkiss
    The Heikhal, Bimah and Teivah in Sephardi Synagogues
    Santiago Palomero Plaza, Ana Maria López Alvarez, Yasmina Alvarez Delgado
    Excavations in the Samuel Halevi Synagogue (del Tránsito)in Toledo
    Esther W. Goldman
    Samuel Halevi Abulafia's Synagogue (El Tránsito) in Toledo
    Ruth Jacoby
    The Small Elijah Chair
    Aiala Feller
    "Purim of Saragossa" and its Implications on the Method of Dressing the Torah Scroll
    Ita Aber
    Are the Spanish Admiral Carpets Jewish?
    Daniel M. Friedenberg
    A Bonanza of Spanish Jewish Pre-Expulsion Seals
    José Ramón Magdalena Nom de Déu
    The Poblet Haggadah: An Unknown 14th Century Illuminated Sephardi Manuscript
    Gabrielle Sed-Rajna
    Hebrew Manuscripts of 14th Century Catalonia and the Workshop of the Master of St. Mark
    Rosa Alcoy i Pedros
    The Artist of the Marginal Decorations of the "Copenhagen Maimonides"
    Benjamin Richler
    The Scribe Moses ben Jacob Zabara of Spain: A Moroccan Saint?
    Edna Engel
    Abraham Ben Mordecai Farissol: Sephardi Tradition of Book Making in Northern Italy of the Renaissance Period
    Shalom Sabar
    Sephardi Elements in North African Hebrew Manuscript Decoration
    Book Review:
    Elisheva Revel-Neher
    Shalom Sabar, Ketubbah: Jewish Marriage Contracts of the Hebrew Union College Skirball Museum and Klau Library

    Jewish Art
    Volume 16/17 (1990/1991)Jewish Art, volume 16/17Edited by Dr. Aliza Cohen-Mushlin200 pages, 200 illustrations, 37 in color
    Yehudit and Joseph Shadur
    Three Papercuts from Jerusalem
    Andreas Gotzmann
    Some Characteristics of Moroccan Jewish Jewelry
    Dalia Haitovsky
    Giorgione's Trial of Moses: A New Look
    Christine Maria Grafinger
    Anton Raphael Mengs - Ein Knstler jdischer Abstammung und das Papyruskabinett der Bibliotheca Apostolica Vaticana
    Christiaan Roosen
    Maurits Leon: The Making of a Jewish Artist
    Norman L. Kleeblatt
    Alphonse Lévy's Alsatian Peasants and Moritz Daniel Oppenheim's Franfurt Burghers
    Elizabeth Kessin Berman
    Transcendentalism and Tradition: The Art of Solomon Nunes Carvalho
    Renée Neher-Bernheim
    The Tables of the Law: One of the Symbols of the French Revolution
    Ilona Pataky-Brestyánszky
    Modern Jewish Artists in Hungary
    Mirjam Rajner
    The Awakening of Jewish National Art in Russia
    Lena Makarova
    Friedl Remembered
    Carol Salus
    R.B. Kitaj's The Murder of Rosa Luxemburg: A Personal Metaphor
    Avigdor W. G. Posèq
    The Hanging Carcass Motif and Jewish Artists
    Haia Friedberg
    The Unwritten Message - Visual Commentary in 20th Century Haggadah Illustrations
    Joseph Gutmann
    The Kirschstein Museum of Berlin
    Book Review:
    Marilyn J. Chiat
    Rachel Hachlili, Ancient Jewish Art and Archaeology in the Land of Israel

    Jewish Art
    Volume 15 (1989)Jewish Art, volume 15Edited by Dr. Aliza Cohen-Mushlin138 pages, 108 illustrations, 27 in color
    Victor Klagsbald
    Le Lion et le Chien
    Marianne Haraszti-Takács
    Fifteenth Century Painted Furniture with Scenes from the Esther Story
    Bracha Yaniv
    The Origin of the "Two-Column Motif" in European Parokhot
    Shalom Sabar
    Fakes and Forgeries of Jewish Marriage Contracts, Then and Now
    Mira Friedman
    The Tree of Jesse and the Tree of Life in Chagall
    Avigdor W. G. Posèq
    Zadkine's Human Forest and Tumarkin's Man Tree as Symbols of the Self in Relation to Environment
    Avram Kampf
    The Bronze Sculptures of Régine Heim
    R. J. Zwi Werblowsky
    The Jerusalem Stained Glass Window of Régine Heim
    Book Reviews:
    Shubert Spero
    Towers of Spice, Towers of Salvations: An Inquiry into the Logic of Explanation
    Hannelore Knzl
    Ilona Oltuski, Kunst und Ideologie des Bezalels in Jerusalem
    Exhibition review:
    Naomi Feuchtwanger
    "Seine der Stein schreit aus der Mauer": Geschichte und Cultur der Juden in Bayern

    Jewish Art
    Volume 14 (1988)Jewish Art, volume 14Edited by Dr. Aliza Cohen-Mushlin106 pages, 86 illustrations, 20 in color
    Bezalel Narkiss
    The Gerona Hanukkah Lamp: Fact and Fiction
    Leonard Victor Rutgers
    Ein in situ Erhaltenes Sarkophagenfragment in der jdischen Katakombe an der Via Appia
    Hannelore Knzl
    A Recently Discovered Miqweh in Rothenburg ob der Tauber: Preliminary Report
    David Cassuto
    A Venetian Parokhet and its Design Origins
    Mira Friedman
    Transplanted Illustrations in Jewish Printed Books
    Daniel M. Friedenberg
    Now Rest in Peace Jacob Baruch Carvalho: The Three-Century Diaspora of a Jewish Portrait
    Cissy Grossman
    The Real Meaning of Eugène Delacroix's Noce Juive au Maroc
    Gannit Ankori
    The Other Jerusalem: Images of the Holy City in Contemporary Palestinian Painting

    Jewish Art
    Volume 12/13 (1986/1987)Jewish Art, volume 12/13Edited by Dr. Aliza Cohen-Mushlin372 pages, 350 illustrations, 40 in colorSpecial Bar-Mitzvah Issue. Cloth binding and colored laminated box available upon request.In celebration of the 13th anniversary of Jewish Art, this double volume was dedicated to its founder, Professor Bezalel Narkiss, by the many students and colleagues who contributed to it.I. Manuscripts
    Hugo Buchthal
    Notes on Some Illustrated Byzantine Psalters
    Malachie Beit-Arié
    Palaeographical Identification of Hebrew Manuscripts: Methodology and Practice
    Gabrielle Sed-Rajna
    Filigree Ornaments in Fourteenth-Century Hebrew Manuscripts of the Upper Rhine
    Yael Zirlin
    The Schocken Italian Haggadah of c.1400 and its Origins
    Iris Fishof
    The Origin of the Sîddur of the Rabbi of Ruzhin
    Ursula Schubert
    Zwei Tierszenen am Ende der Ersten Kennicott-Bibel (La Coruña, 1476) in Oxford
    Evelyn M. Cohen
    The Illustrations in Abraham Farissol's Haggadah of 1515
    Shalom Sabar
    The Beginnings of Ketbbah Decoration in Italy: Venice in the Late Sixteenth to the Early Seventeenth Centuries
    Dalia Haitovsky
    The David Drawings in Jacopo Bellini's Sketchbooks
    II. Iconography
    Moshe Barasch
    The Gnostic Image of the Ruler
    Victor A. Klagsbald
    The Menorah as Symbol: Its Meaning and Origin in Early Jewish Art
    Elisheva Revel-Neher
    L'Alliance et la Promesse: le symbolisme d'Eretz-Israël dans l'iconography juive du moyen âge
    Bianca Khnel
    Jewish Symbolism of the Temple and the Tabernacle and Christian Symbolism of the Holy Sepulchre and the Heavenly Tabernacle
    Herbert L. Kessler
    Passover in St. Peter's
    Anthony Cutler
    Ephraim, Mosaicist of Bethlehem: The Evidence from Jerusalem
    Ruth Mellinkoff
    More About Horned Moses
    Rachel Milstein
    The Iconography of Moses in Islamic Art
    Naomi Feuchtwanger
    The Coronation of the Virgin and of the Bride
    Mira Friedman
    The Metamorphoses of Judith
    Kurt Schubert
    Wikkuach-Thematik in den Illustrationen hebräischer Handschriften
    Richard Brilliant
    Remembering and Jewish Art
    Rachel Wischnitzer
    From My Desk
    III. Ritual Art
    Walter Cahn
    The Bîmah of the Worms Synagogue Reconsidered
    Vivian B. Mann
    The Recovery of a Known Work
    Jacobo Furman
    A Glass Synagogue Lamp from Damascus
    Ita Aber
    Jewish Fishscale Embroidery on Mazzah Bags from Eastern Europe
    IV. Modern Art
    Haia Friedberg
    Lissitzky's Had Gadîa'
    Ziva Amishai-Maisels
    Ben Shahn and the Problem of Jewish Identity
    Avigdor W.G. Posèq
    Five Allegorical Self-Portraits of Igael Tumarkin
    Milly Heyd
    King David Modernized: Ivan Shwebel and Contemporary Sources
    Yael Zirlin
    The Publications of Bezalel Narkiss
    Book Reviews:
    Shalom Sabar
    Ketubbot italiane. Antichi contratti nuziali ebraici miniati
    Yael Zirlin
    The Kennicott Bible
    Codex Maimuni: Moses Maimonides Code of Law, The Illuminated Pages of the Kaufmann Mishneh Torah

    Journal of Jewish Art
    Volume 11 (1985)Jewish Art, volume 11Edited by Prof. Bezalel Narkiss88 pages, 69 illustrations, 6 in color
    Archer St. Clair
    God's House of Peace in Paradise: The Feast of Tabernacles on a Jewish Gold Glass
    Mira Friedman
    The Four Sons of the Haggadah and the Ages of Man
    Samuel S. Kottek
    Humilitas: On a Controversial Medal of Benjamin Son of Elijah Beer the Physician (1497?-1503?)
    Steven Kolsteren
    Simeon Solomon and the Song of Songs
    Abraham Gilam
    Erich Goeritz and Jewish Art Patronage in Berlin during the 1920s
    Book Review:
    Ziva Amishai-Maisels
    Avram Kampf, Jewish Experience in the Art of the 20th Century
    Yael Zirlin
    On the Illuminations of the Hebrew Manuscripts in Parma

    Journal of Jewish ArtVolume 10 (1984)Jewish Art, volume 10Edited by Prof. Bezalel Narkiss120 pages, 110 illustrations, 18 in color
    Bezalel Narkiss
    Pharaoh is Dead and Living at the Gates of Hell
    Ruth Mellinkoff
    Three Mysterious Ladies Unmasked
    Gabrielle Sed-Rajna
    Further Thoughts on an Early Illustrated Pentateuch
    Clifford M. Brown
    The "Camera del Mapamondo et del Caiero" in the Palazzo di San Sebastian in Mantua
    Shalom Sabar
    The Use and Meaning of Christian Motifs in Illustrations of Jewish Marriage Contracts in Italy
    Milly Heyd
    Illustrations in Early Editions of the Tsene-U'rene: Jewish Adaptations of Christian Sources
    Alice M. Greenwald
    The Masonic Mizrah and Lamp: Jewish Ritual Art as a Reflection of Cultural Assimilation
    Mira Friedman
    Prophet Elijah's Ascension in the Works of Chagall
    Book Review:
    Milly Heyd
    Ziva Amishai-Maisels, Jacob Steinhardt, Etchings and Lithographs
    Alphabetical List of Articles, Volumes 1-10

    Journal of Jewish Art
    Volume 9 (1982)Jewish Art, volume 9Edited by Prof. Bezalel Narkiss & Prof. Gabrielle Sed-Rajna120 pages, 113 illustrations, 26 in color
    Elisabeth Revel-Neher
    La double page du Codex Amiatinus et ses rapports avec les plans du Tabernacle dans l'art juif et dans l'art byzantin
    Gabrielle Sed-Rajna
    The Paintings of the London Miscellany
    Ruth Mellinkoff
    Judas' Red Hair and the Jews
    Guy N. Deutsch
    Legendes midrachiques dans le peinture de Nicolas Poussin
    Vivian B. Mann
    A Sixteenth-Century Box in the New York Jewish Museum and its Transformation
    Iris Fishof
    "Jerusalem above my chief joy": Depictions of Jerusalem in Italian Ketubot
    Ester Muchawsky-Schnapper
    Oil Sabbath Lamps and Hanukkah Lamps of Stone from the Yemen
    Ziva Amishai-Maisels
    The Jewish Jesus
    Michel Garel
    Le mobilier du Sanctuaire: un folio détaché

    Journal of Jewish Art
    Volume 8 (1981)Jewish Art, volume 8Edited by Prof. Bezalel Narkiss108 pages, 99 illustrations, 5 in color
    Lucille Roussin
    The Beit Leontis Mosaic: An Eschatological Interpretation
    Herbert L. Kessler
    Traces of an Early Illustrated Pentateuch
    Mordechai Narkiss
    Origins of the Spice Box
    Ellen S. Saltman
    The "Forbidden Image" in Jewish Art
    Chone Shmeruk
    The Itinerary of an Illustration since 1593
    Helen Rosenau
    Reflections on Moses Montefiore and Social Function in the Arts
    Milly Heyd
    On Two Stories of the Expulsion from Tel Aviv by Nahum Guttman
    Edward van Voolen
    A Valance from the Portuguese Synagogue in the Joods Historisch Museum
    Ruth Eis
    A Silver Hevra Qaddisha Cup at the Judah L. Magnes Museum

    Journal of Jewish Art
    Volume 7 (1980)Jewish Art, volume 7Edited by Prof. Bezalel Narkiss92 pages, 125 illustrations, 7 in color
    Marilyn J. Chiat
    Synagogues and Churches in Byzantine Beit She'an
    Sheila Edmunds
    The Place of the London Haggadah in the Work of Joel ben Simeon
    Cissy Grossman
    Italian Torah Binders
    Alexander Scheiber
    The Jewish Artistic School of Kittsee
    Giza Frankel
    Notes on the Costume of the Jewish Woman in Eastern Europe
    Milly Heyd
    Lilien and Beardsley
    Michael D. Levin
    The Second Generation in Israeli Architecture
    Book Review:
    Stanley I. Batkin, Let Make Me a Sanctuary
    Journal of Jewish Art
    Volume 6 (1979)Jewish Art, volume 6Edited by Prof. Bezalel Narkiss168 pages, 143 illustrations, 9 in color This volume is dedicated to Rachel Wischnitzer on her 95th birthdayààà
    Rachel Wischnitzer
    From My Archives
    Ruth Mellinkoff
    Cain and the Jews
    Anthony Cutler
    A Psalter from Mâr Saba and the Evolution of the David Cycle
    Gabrielle Sed-Rajna
    The Illustrations of the Kaufmann Mishneh Torah
    Michel Garel
    The Foa Bible
    Nancy Berman
    The Hirsch and Rothchild Hanukkah Lamps
    Gnter Bhm
    The Synagogues of Surinam
    Carol Herselle Krinsky
    Hector Guimard's Art Nouveau Synagogue in Paris
    Leila Avrin
    Note on "Micrography: A Jewish Art Form"
    Daphna Rix
    Chagall's Interpretation of the Song of Songs
    Victor Klagsbald
    Une plaque de Torah antique
    William L. Gross
    Catalogue of Catalogues
    Rochelle Weinstein
    Rachel Wischnitzer: A Bibliography

    Journal of Jewish Art
    Volume 5 (1978)Jewish Art, volume 5Edited by Prof. Bezalel Narkiss115 pages, 100 illustrations, 6 in color
    Paul Corby Finney
    Orpheus-David: A Connection in Iconography between Greco-Roman Judaism and Early Christianity?
    John Wilkinson
    The Beit Alpha Synagogue Mosaic: Towards an Interpretation
    Ursula Schubert
    Egyptian Bondage and Exodus in the Ashburnham Pentateuch
    Jo Milgrom
    Moses Sweetens the "Bitter Waters" of the "Portable Well": An Interpretation of a Panel at Dura Europos Synagogue
    Avram Kampf
    In Quest of Jewish Style in the Era of the Russian Revolution
    Ziva Amishai-Maisels
    Chagall's Jewish In-Jokes
    Mira Friedman
    Icon Painting and Russian Popular Art as Sources of Some Works by Chagall

    Journal of Jewish Art
    Volume 3/4 (1976/1977)Jewish Art, volume 3/4Edited by Prof. Bezalel Narkiss143 pages, 169 illustrations, 12 in color
    Gideon Foester
    The Synagogues at Massada and Herodion
    Stanley Ferber
    Micrography: A Jewish Art Form
    Malachie Beit-Ari´
    Joel Ben Simeon's Manuscripts: A Codicologer's View
    David Casutto
    The Scuola Grande Tedesca in the Venice Ghetto
    Hava Lasar
    Jonah' the Tower and the Lions: an 18th Century Italian Silver Book Binding
    Ora Schwartz
    Jewish Weavings in Kurdistan
    Ziva Amishai-Maisels
    Steinhardt's Call for Peace
    Michael Levin
    The Transformation of the Villa Savoye into Jewish National Library: Le Corbusier's Influence on Two Generations of Israeli Architects
    Victor Klagsbald
    Clay Lamps with Biblical Scenes
    Book Reviews:
    Gideon Foerster
    S.J.Saller, Second Revised Catalogue of Ancient Synagogues of the Holy Land
    Elizabeth Revel-Neher
    Gabrielle Sed-Rajna, L'Art Juif, Orient et Occident
    Gabrielle Sed-Rajna
    Jacob Leveen, The Bible in Art

    Journal of Jewish Art
    Volume 2 (1975)Jewish Art, volume 2Edited by Prof. Bezalel Narkiss96 pages, 117 illustrations, 8 in color
    Gabrielle Sed-Rajna
    Toledo or Burgos?
    Michel Garel
    The Rediscovery of the Wolf Haggadah
    Richard Barnett
    A Group of Embroidered Cloths from Jerusalem
    Giza Frankel
    Little-Known Handicrafts of Polish Jews in the 19th and 20th Centuries
    David Davidovitch
    Ceramic Seder Plates From Non-Jewish Workshops
    Eric M. Zafran
    An Alleged Case of Image Desecration by the Jews and its Representation in Art: The Virgin of Cambron
    Michael Levin
    The Stones of Jerusalem
    Avram Kampf
    The Cycle of Expulsion and Return: A Mural by Yossel Bergner
    Book Review:
    Gabrielle Sed-Rajna
    Mendel Metzger, La Haggada Enlumine?

    Journal of Jewish Art
    Volume 1 (1974)Jewish Art, volume 1Edited by Prof. Bezalel Narkiss96 pages, 89 illustrations
    Bezalel Narkiss
    The Scheme of the Sanctuary from the Time of Herod the Great
    Rachel Wischnitzer
    Maimonides' Drawings of the Temple
    Ruth Mellinkoff
    The Round-Topped Tablets of the Law: Sacred Symbol and Emblem of Evil
    Peter Bloch
    Seven-Branched Candelabra in Christian Churches
    Elizabeth Revel-Neher
    Problems d'Iconographie Judeo-Chretienne: Le Theme de la Coiffure du Cohen Gadol dans l'Art Byzantin
    Rochelle Weinstein
    A Stone of Remembrance
    Ziva Amishai-Maisels
    Lipchitz and Picasso: Thematic Interpenetrations
    Guido Schoenberger
    What About Breastplates!
    Book Review:
    Gabrielle Sed-Rajna
    The Dura-Europos Synagogue: A Re-Evaluation (1932-1972)



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