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The Artists of the Kultur-Lige
by Hillel (Gregory) Kazovsky (NEW)

Jerusalem and Moscow, 2003

In English and Russian

344 pages, 290 illustrations, 213 in color
Price: $45.00

The Kultur-Lige was a Jewish cultural organization established in 1918 in Kiev with a goal to produce the modern Yiddish culture, which was at the same time national and universal. Later the organization spread to Moscow, Kaunas, Czernowitz, Warsaw etc. This book is devoted to the Jewish artists who belonged to the Arts Section of this league, amongst whom are the world-famous Jewish painters Marc Chagall, Nathan Altman and El Lissitzky. Created in the 1918 - early 1920s, modern Jewish art combined traditional Jewish folklore motifs with the most avant-garde concepts of the contemporary art of the day. The book is accompanied by 213 reproductions of the works of the artists associated with the Kultur-Lige: David Shterenberg, Abram Manevich, Robert Falk, Marc Chagall, Joseph Tchaikov, Nathan Altman, El Lissitzky, Nisson Shifrin, Isaak Rabinovich, Isaak Rabichev, Issachar Ber Ryback, Lev Halperin, Sarah Shor, Pauline Khentova, Mark Epstein, Boris Aronson, Solomon Nikritin, Alexander Tyshler, Iosif Elman, Mark Sheikhel, Alexander Labas, Zfania-Gedali Kipnis, Khaim Mastbaum, Shulim Kotkis, Hersh Inger.

Jewish Art (NEW)

Editor Ilya Rodov

Moscow, 2002

In Russian

296 pages, 236 illustrations, 51 in color
Price: $25.00


This is the first comprehensive anthology in Russian dealing with all aspects of Jewish Art from Ancient times until the 20th century. Parts of the fifteen articles by prominent schol­ars are translations and part were especially written for this volume.


Our Legacy: The CIS [Commonwealth of Independent States = Former Soviet Union] Synagogues, Past and Present

by Michael Beizer

Jerusalem and Moscow, 2002

In English and Russian

176 pages, 162 illustrations, 141 in color
Price: $35.00

The book deals with the fate of synagogue buildings on the territory of Tsarist Russia, the Soviet Union, and the Commonwealth of Independent States for the period of a century. The first part covers the beginning of the 20th century until the break-up of the USSR. The second part relates how, in the post-Communist era, some of the synagogues confiscated by the Soviet state are being returned to Jewish communities and gaining a new life. The Appendix provides a list of synagogues functioning in the CIS today. The book is lavishly illustrated with photographs, mostly from the collection of the Joint Distribution Committee, and many are published here for the first time.

Synagogenarchitektur in Deutschland vom Barock zum 'Neuen Bauen'

Dokumentation zur Ausstellung

Herausgegeben von Aliza Cohen-Mushlin und Harmen Thies

Mit Beiträgen von
Isabel Haupt
Katrin Keßler
Ulrich Knufinke
Hans Martin Müller
Simon Paulus
Harmen Thies

Selbstverlag Fachgebiet Baugeschichte, Technische Universität Braunschweig, 2002

104 pages, 171 illustrations
Price: $20.00

This is an exhibition catalogue prepared by the Fachgebiet Baugeschichte in the Technical University of Braunschweig. It includes essays about the history of synagogue architecture in Germany descriptions of the synagogues in Halberstadt, Celle, Hornburg, Wörlitz, Karlsruhe, Seesen, Bodenfelde, Morin­gen, Hannover, Dresden, Aschenhausen, Burg, Egeln, Leipzig, Köln, Hannover, Breslau, Braunschweig, Wolfenbüttel, Eisenach, Köthen, Bingen, Darmstadt, Görlitz, Wilhemshaven, Genthin, Dieburg, Plauen. Photographs and architectural drawings accompany the descriptions.

Making Peace with the Land: Designing Israel's Landscape
By Shlomo Aronson

Washington D.C., 1998

In English

159 pages, numerous color illustrations by Neil Folberg
Price: $25.00

The remarkable al­bum introduces the variety of works of the fa­mous and successful Israeli landscape archi­tect, Shlomo Aronson. The al­bum presents his realized works which became an integral part of the Israeli urban view, public parks, national and historic parks, cities and open landscapes.

Illuminations from Hebrew Bibles of Leningrad

with an introduction and new descriptions by Bezalel Narkiss, based on the original 1905 publications by Baron David Guenzburg and Vladimir Stassoff.
Jerusalem, 1990.

This virtually unknown treasure of the Firkovitch Collection of 12,000 early medieval manuscripts from the Near East is located today in the Public Library of St. Petersburg. The facsimile of the twenty-five illuminated manuscripts which were published by Gnzburg and Stassoff are the subject of Narkiss’ study, accompanied by an album of 27 plates from the original facsimile. Ranging from the First Leningrad Pentateuch of 924, through the Leningrad Bible of 1010 and 12th-century North African Bibles, to the 14th-century Spanish Bible, the book traces their different styles and decoration.

Hebrew Illuminated Manuscripts of the British Isles: A Catalogue Raisonne. Part One: Spanish and Portuguese Manuscripts

by Bezalel Narkiss, Aliza Cohen-Mushlin and Anat Tcherikover
Two volumes,
Jerusalem and London, 1982.

The first publication of a comprehensive project to catalogue all Hebrew illuminated manuscripts found in the public and private collections of the British Isles. This beautiful cloth-bound double volume focuses on 63 manuscripts from the Spanish and Portuguese schools of illumination. One volume contains text and the other full color and black and white illustrations.


One Hundred Shtetls of Ukraine: Historical Guide.

Vol. 1: Jewish Communities of Podolia
edited by Benjamin Lukin and Boris Khaimovich
St. Petersburg - Jerusalem, 1997.
In Russian.

256 pages, 111 illustrations, 17 plans and maps.

This is the first volume of the historical guide to 100 Jewish shtetls in the Ukraine. This unique guide combines comprehensive and precise historical and cultural information with immense readability. This volume contains general articles on Podolian Jewry, articles on six centers of Jewish life in Northern Podolia including tourist information (Derazhnia, Zin'kov, Letichev, Medzhibozh, Proskurov and Satanov), and historical information on 11 small shtetls in the region.

Table of Contents:

B. Lukin
The Jews of Podolia in 14th - 17th centuries.
B. Khaimovich
The Podolian Shtetl.
V. Dymshitz
Historical Monuments in Jewish Folklore
B. Lukin
A. Khaesh, B. Lukin
B. Lukin
Yu. Khodorkovsky
B. Lukin, B. Khaimovich
Shtetls of north-eastern Podolia (Horodok, Kuz'min, Kupin, Mikhalpol', Nikolaev, Staraia Siniava, Tarnoruda, Fel'shtin, Chiornyi Ostrov, Sharovka, Yarmolintsy)


Vol. 2: Jewish Communities of Podolia (NEW)
edited by Benjamin Lukin, Boris Khaimovich and Alla Sokolova
St. Petersburg, 2000.
In Russian.

704 pages, 380 illustrations, 50 maps.

The second volume is devoted to the shtetls of Southern Podolia. It contains three large introductory articles, 15 articles of important Jewish center of the area and historical information about 16 smaller places (see table of contents). The volume also includes a very detailed Chronological Table, endnotes, bibliography and index.

Table of Contents:

V. Lukin, Jewish Communities of Podolia after the Khmelnitsky uprising.

A. Sokolova, The Architecture of Shtetl in the context of Traditional Culture

B. Khaimovich, Jewish Folk Art in the Southern Podolia.

Articles: Bershad, Bratslav, Gaisin, Murafa, Miastkovka, Peschanka, Tomashpol, Trostianets, Tulchin, Chernevtsy, Chechelnik, Shargorod, Shpikov, Yampol, Yaruga.

Short information: Vapniarka, Velikaia Kosnitsa, Verkhovka, Dzhurin, Dzygovka, Zhabokrich, Kniazhepol, Kodyma, Komargorod, Kryzhopol, Ladyzhin, Markovka, Obodovka, Olgopol, Sobolevka, Tsekinovka.

Meer Akselrod

by Elena Akselrod. 
In English and Russian.

248 pages, 176 illustrations

This handsome publication, compiled and published by the artist’s daughter, now residing in Israel, presents us with a comprehensive view of Meer Akselrod the artists and Meer Akselrod the person. Prior to this publication, the artist was practically unknown in the West, despite his wide recognition in the former Soviet Union. His work sought to capture the spirit of Russian Jewish life from the 1920’s through 1960’s.




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