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Hebrew Illuminated Manuscripts
  Fugger's Sixth Miscellany on Philosophy, Venice, 1552

© BSB, Photographer: Unknown,
Summary and Remarks

Yaakov ben Hayyim appears in BSB Cod.hebr. 33, 59; Yishai ben Yehiel appears in BSB Cod.hebr. 7, 10, 19, 26, 28, 30, 31, 33, 42, 44, 45, 46, 47, 50, 52, 56, 58, 62, 68; Scribe19 inBSB Cod.hebr. 19, 28, 44, 66; and Eliezer in BSB Cod.hebr. 39, 45, 47, 55, 59, 60, 65, 66. 


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Fugger's Sixth Venetian Miscellany on Philosophy | Unknown
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Germany | Munich | Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (BSB)
| Cod.hebr. 64 (Steinschneider 1895, No. 64)
Documentation / Research project
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Construction material
Full page: (334-335) x (240-241) mm.
Text space: Yishai ben Yehiel: (237-239) x (139-142) mm.
Scribe 19: (240-241) x 139 mm.
Eliezer: (234-237) x (152-155) mm.
Panel Measurements
Well preserved. Apparently the manuscript was not used.
Documented by CJA
Surveyed by CJA
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Historical significance: Event/Period
Historical significance: Collective Memory/Folklore
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1. Intentions of the Philosophers (כוונת הפילוסופים) by Abu Hamid Muhammad Al-Ghazali (fols. 1-95) in an anonymous translation: begins אמר אבוחמד השבח לאל אשר שמריו השעות והודיענו (Steinschneider 1895:309). It ends with a colophon copied from the text of our exemplar: נשלמו אלה הכונות על ידי הצעיר אליהו אמרילייו בכ"ג יום לחדש טבת שנת חמשת אלפי' ומאתי’ ושלשי’ ותשעה ליצירה ... בשקביא ואני הצעיר העתקתי אלה הכונות מספר הנ"ל. The original copy of Amarillio's Intentions of the Philosophers is found in Oxford, Bodl. lib. Opp. 587 (colophon on fol. 76v), which is apparently the text exemplar of BSB Cod.hebr. 64.

2. Middle Commentary on Aristotle's Organon I-III (באור אמצעי על ספר ההגיון) by Averroes (fols. 95-153v), translated by Jacob Anatoli: begins קול חופשי בינה בכסף (Steinschneider 1893:58-62).

3. Mikhlol Yoffi (מכלל יופי; The Compound of Beauty), parts 1-5 (chapter 10) by Samuel Zarza (fols. 155-491v): begins ספר מכלל יופי שחבר החכם הפילוסוף ר' שמואל המכונה בן סינא שור מציון מכלול יופי מהרריך (Schwartz 1989:25).

Yaakov ben Hayyim: fol. 1'r (title page). Yishai ben Yehiel (Scribe A*): fols. 1-95, 132-153v, except for lines 9-23 on fol. 35, written by Interpolator 8** (Interpolator A*). Scribe 19** (Scribe B): fols. 95a-131v. Eliezer (Scribe C): fols. 155-431v. * The letters A, B, etc. denote the order of copying of the main scribes and interpolators in this manuscript. ** The running numbers (Scribe 1, 2, etc.) denote the anonymous main scribes and interpolators throughout the entire group of Fugger’s Venetian manuscripts. The scribes identified by name are not numbered.
The text is written in semi-cursive Ashkenazi scripts.
Number of Lines
The text is written in 30 lines per page mostly in one column.
Ruling by stylus; 1+1 vertical lines and 30 horizontal lines, e.g. fol. 95a.
51 quires of 10 and 8 leaves each, except for LI6. Quire composition: I10 (1'-9); II10 (10-19); III10 (20-29); IV10 (30-39); V10 (40-49); VI10 (50-59); VII10 (60-69); VIII10 (70-79); IX8 (80-87); X8 (88-95); XI10 (95a-104); XII10 (105-114); XIII10 (115-124); XIV10 (125-134); XV10 (135-144); XVI10 (145-154); XVII8 (155-162); XVIII8 (163-170); XIX8 (171-178); XX8 (179-186); XXI8 (187-194); XXII8 (195-202); XXIII8 (203-210); XXIV8 (211-218); XXV8 (219-226); XXVI8 (227-234); XXVII8 (235-242); XXVIII8 (243-250); XXIX8 (251-258); XXX8 (259-266); XXXI8 (267-274); XXXII8 (275-282); XXXIII8 (283-290); XXXIV8 (291-298); XXXV8 (299-306); XXXVI8 (307-314); XXXVII8 (315-322); XXXVIII8 (323-330); XXXIX8 (331-338); XL8 (339-346); XLI8 (347-354); XLII8 (355-362); XLIII8 (363-370); XLIV8 (371-378); XLV8 (379-386); XLVI8 (387-394); XLVII8 (395-402); XLVIII8 (403-410); XLIX8 (411-418); L8 (419-426); LI6 (427-432).
Catchwords for leaves are written horizontally on the left below the text in semi-cursive script by the text scribe.
Hebrew Numeration
Blank Leaves
Fols. 95v, 95a verso, 107v, 128v, 154-154v, 155v, 432-432v.
Façade (main)
Location of Torah Ark
Location of Apse
Location of Niche
Location of Reader's Desk
Location of Platform
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Fol. 95 by Yishai ben Yehiel, who also copied the colophon of his exemplar: נשלמו אלה הכונות על ידי הצעיר אליהו אמרליין בכ"ג יום/ יום לחדש טבת שנת חמשת אלפים מאתי' ושליש' ותשע ליצירה למניננו/ בשקפיא/ ואני הצעיר העתקתי אלה הכונות מספר הנ"ל והשלמתו היו' יום/ א' כז' לחדש סיון שנת שי"ב ליצירה נאם ישי בכמ"ר יחיאל ז"ל (These Intentions [of the Philosophers] were completed by Elia Amarillo the young (humble scribe) on 23rd Tevet 5239 from the Creation [1479], in Segovia. And I, the young (humble copyist), copied these Intentions from that book and completed it on Sunday, 27th Sivan 5312 from the Creation [19.06.1552], says Yishai son of Yehiel of blessed memory.) Fol. 150v by Yishai ben Yehiel: תם ונשלם ביאור הענינים אשר כללם זה הספר לאבן רשד/ והתהלה לאל בשלושים ושנים למספר בני ישראל/ ושלש מאות ושנים עשר לפרט לאלף הששי (Completed are the matters included in this book by Averroes, praise be to God, in (Deut. Chapter) 32 ‘according to the number of the children of Israel’ (Deut. 32:8), in 5312 [1552].)
Scribal Notes
B with a trefoil flower emerging from its vertical (e.g. fols. 1', 1, 40, 65, 89, 95a, 97, 105, 137, 153); a trefoil flower between 'P' and '3' at the outer corner of the folio (e.g. fols. 157, 163, 179, 207, 317, 348, 413, 430): similar to Harlfinger 1974-80, Lettres 75 (Venice, 1548, 1550).
Trade Mark

Green leather, turned brown, on wooden boards (335 x221 mm); gold-tooled with a central roundel on the front cover enclosing an inscription: פירושים. Below are the letters: FFFFF. On the back cover the roundel encloses a shield. Both roundels are each within an undulating lozenge in a large rectangle, decorated with floral motifs at the centre of each side and at the corners. At the bottom of the back lozenge are the letters IIIII. The spine, blind-tooled with hatching, has three hidden cords and head and tail bands. On the edges of the back cover are vestiges of four groups of three plaited leather bands, two groups on the side edge and one each on the upper and lower edges, with corresponding holes for four nails on the edges of the front cover (for preserved bands see Cod.hebr. 301). Each group of three bands terminated in a ring intended to hook over the nails of the opposite cover. The leaves are gilt-edged.


This binding was made for Fugger by Anton Ludwig inVenice(Hobson 1999: 129). Similar bindings in BSB: e.g. Cod.hebr. 20, 28, 43, 46, 49, 68, 73, Cod.gr. 78.

Decoration Program

Decorative title page, inscribed in the first display letter (fol. 1'): I, Yaakov ben Hayyim,

  אני יעקב ברבי חיים

Suggested Reconsdivuction
Owners' inscriptions: None. Inscriptions of librarians and researchers: Front pastedown: Contents in Hebrew in brown ink by Librarian 1a: 1. ספר כוונת הפילוסופים לאבוחמד/ בקצרה ובו נכלל שלשה דברים/ הגשמיות והאלהות והטבעיות/ 2. ביאור ספר המבוא לאבן רשד ז"ל/ 3. ספר מכלל יופי שחיבר הרב החכם/ הפיליסופיא ר' שמואל המכונה\ בן סנה ז"ל. Below it, in lighter ink by Librarian 2: Sephaer Cabanos haphilosophim le Abuchamad bikzara\ ubo nichlal schloscha deuarim hagaschmius vehaeli/hos veatheuios\ Biur sephaer hamafu leauaen reschad sal\ Sephaer michlal iophi schehibar harau haehacham ha\ philosophia ribi Schemuel hamchuna. Baen Snae sal.\ 1. Abuchamad compendium de opinionibus philosophorum.\ 2. Hamafu explanatio Dialectica Auerrois.[qui voca- erased]\ 3. Rabi Samuelis cognomine Baen Snae liber de philo/sophia naturalj. Exlibris and stamps: Back pastedown: an exlibris of the Bavarian Court and State Library (227 x 155 mm) with the arms of Elector Maximilian I of 1638 (Dressler 1972:B3ab), stuck over his earlier exlibris (175 x 135 mm) of 1618, before he became Elector in 1623 (Dressler 1972:A3a-f). Old signatures: Back cover, upper right corner in black ink: St. 9 n0 6 (second signature of Fugger's library). Front cover, lower right corner in black ink: 2. n0. 5 (Duke's library, Prommer's signature). Front pastedown, lower part in red ink: 2. 5 (Duke's library, Prommer's revision of 1583). Sticker on the back pastedown and on the spine: Cod.hebr. 64 (current signature).
Main Surveys & Excavations
Dressler 1972 F. Dressler, Die Exlibris der Bayerischen Hof- und Staatsbibliothek, 17. bis 20. Jahrhundert, Wiesbaden 1972. Harlfinger 1974-80 D. Harlfinger, Wasserzeichen aus griechischen Handschriften, Berlin, 1974-1980. Hobson 1999 A. Hobson, Renaissance Book Collecting: Jean Grolier and Diego Hurtado de Mendoza, their Books and Bindings, Cambridge 1999. Sirat and Dukan, unpublished C. Sirat and M. Dukan, Etude des manuscrits hébreux"sehr inkorrekt" conservés dans la Bibliothèque de Munich (Institut des Recherche et d'histoire des Textes, CNRS, Paris), unpublished. Schwartz 1989 ד’ שוורץ, משנתו הפילוסופית-דתית של ר’ שמואל אבן צרצה (דיסרטציה), רמת גן תשמ"ט (D. Schwartz, Philosophical Teaching of Rabbi Shmuel ibn Zarza (Ph.D. dissertation), Ramat Gan 1989). Steinschneider 1893 M. Steinschneider, Die Hebräischen Übersetzungen des Mittelalters und die Juden als Dolmetscher, Berlin 1893. Steinschneider 1895 M. Steinschneider, Die Hebräischen Handschriften der K. Hof- und Staatsbibliothek in München, Munich 1895.
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Ilona Steimann; Prof. Aliza Cohen-Mushlin | 2008, 2014, 2015
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