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Leonard Baskin, Self portrait at 44
Israel Museum (IM), Gr.dpt. no.635.74
Leonard Baskin, Head (1965?)
Israel Museum (IM), Gr.dpt. no. 291.70
Leonard Baskin & Ben Shahn, Beatitudes (Man in a cornfield)
Israel Museum (IM), Gr.dpt. no.175.70
Otto Baumberger, The flight into Egypt
Israel Museum (IM), Gr.dpt. no.M 5785-12-46
Eva Barna, Illustrations for the Book of Jonah (1956)
Israel Museum (IM), Gr.dpt. no.MP.139-4-57
Barczynski, Nuser Haus (Smoker and wooden house)
Israel Museum (IM), Gr.dpt. no.M 659-11-40
Azene, Portrait of a girl friend
Israel Museum (IM), Gr.dpt. no. 791.79
Irene Aronson, Circus
Israel Museum (IM), Gr.dpt. no.M504-2-55
Max Band, Woman reading
Israel Museum (IM), Gr.dpt. no.M 1669-7-45
Shmuel Bak, City that is compact togethter
Israel Museum (IM), Gr.dpt. no. 734.81e
Yaakov Agam, Ovals in rectangulars
Israel Museum (IM), Gr.dpt. no. 480.82
Yaakov Agam, Geometrical planes
Israel Museum (IM), Gr.dpt. no. 478.82
Anni Albers, Line involvements (1964)
Israel Museum (IM), Gr.dpt. no. 219.71a
Inger, In heder
Michael Sgan-Cohen, Doctor
Sgan-Cohen, M.
Maurice Arama, Head of a Jew
Israel Museum (IM), Gr.dpt. no.48.72
Anna Andersch, 2.Moses-13 (1968)
Israel Museum (IM), Gr.dpt. no. O.S.50.77
Irving Amen, Bitter harvest
Israel Museum (IM), Gr.dpt. no.M 1143-3-56
Irving Amen, Man of sorrows (1948)
Israel Museum (IM), Gr.dpt. no.M2-10-55
Vadim Sidur, Moses (1972)
Vadim Siddur Museum
Vadim Sidur, Portrait of Junna Moritz (1964)
Vadim Siddur Museum
Vadim Sidur, Portrait of a Scientist (1965)
Vadim Siddur Museum
Vadim Sidur, Portrait of V.L. Ginzburg (1967)
Vadim Siddur Museum
Vadim Sidur, Babij Yar (1966)
Vadim Siddur Museum
Vadim Sidur, Treblinka (1966)
Vadim Siddur Museum
Vadim Sidur, Concentration camp (1966)
Vadim Siddur Museum
Sgan Cohen, Twelve Minor Prophets
Sgan-Cohen, M.
Ze'ev Raban, Playing Cards
Israel Museum (IM), R. Doron
Ze'ev Raban, Playing Cards
, Isr. J-m., R. Doron
Ze'ev Raban, Song of Songs
Ze'ev Raban, The Book of Esther
Israel Museum (IM), Doron
Ze'ev Raban, The Book of Ruth
Israel Museum (IM), Doron
Michael Sgan-Cohen, TV Series
Sgan-Cohen, M., J-m, M. Sgan-Cohen.
Michael Sgan-Cohen, TV Wall
Sgan-Cohen, M.
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