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Book design, Yemen, 1342
Sc_056, 17
Munich High Holidays and Sukkot Mahzor
Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (BSB), Cod.hebr. 86 (Steinschneider 1895, No. 86)
Munich Ashkenazi Siddur-Maḥzor, Franconia, End of the 13th - beginning of the 14th century
Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (BSB), Cod.hebr. 69 (Steinschneider 1895, No. 69)
Esther scroll, Italy?
Sc_529, 62
Esther scroll
Sc_405, 16
Sc_405, 97
Sc_405, 96
Oriental Institute Italian Siddur
Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, A8
Hybrid Ashkenazi Mahzor
Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (BSB), Cod.hebr. 21 (Steinschneider 1895, No. 21)
Red Dragon Pentateuch
Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (BSB), Cod.hebr. 14 (Steinschneider 1895, No. 14)
Ben Sira Book, Iran, 1854
Gross Family Collection, 7
Pentateuch (1703)
Gross Family Collection, 6
Sefer Zivhei Shelemim
Gross Family Collection, 8
Seder hoshanot le-yemei sukkot
Gross Family Collection, 9
Gross Mahzor
Gross Family Collection, 10
Munich Rashi's Commentary on the Bible
Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (BSB), Cod. hebr. 5/I-II (Steinschneider 1895, No. 5)
Munich Ashkenazi Mahzor for the Whole Year
Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (BSB), Cod. hebr. 4/I-II (Steinschneider 1895, No. 4)
The Ulm Mahzor, Ulm, 1459/60
Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (BSB), Cod. hebr. 3/I- II (Steinschneider 1895, No. 3)
Munich Liturgical Pentateuch, Franconia, end of the 13th century
Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (BSB), Cod. hebr. 2 (Steinschneider 1895, No. 2)
Oxford Zodiac Mahzor
Bodleian Library, Opp. 161
Rashba Bible
Private Collection, Formerly Sassoon Collection, Ms. 16
Enrico Nahum Bible, Catalonia, First half of the 14th century
National Library of Israel (NL), Heb. 4 5147
NL Festival Prayers
National Library of Israel (NL), Heb. 8 1891
Yema Mahzor
Det Kongelige Bibliothek, Cod. Sim. Heb. 70
JTS Mahzor Vitry of 1204
The Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS), Ms.8092 (1667:2)
Duke of Sussex Pentateuch (c.1300)
British Library (B.L.), Add. 15282
Jonah Pentateuch, Franconia, c. 1300
British Library (B.L.), Add. 21160 (M.75)
Albenc Pentateuch, 1340
Bodleian Library, Opp. 14
Nagykanizsa Hevra Kaddisha Book, 1792-1813
Hungarian Jewish Museum and Archives, ??
Poland Mahzor
National Library of Israel (NL), Ms. Heb. 4°888
Miniature Herlingen Seder Tikkunei Shabbat
Private Collection, Sotheby's, Tel-Aviv, Dec. 1999, lot. 67
Vatican Early Sephardi Pentateuch
Vatican Library, VAT. EBR. 448
Italian Behinat Olam, 1401-1500
Vatican Library, VAT. ROSS. 358
Shabbetai Psalms
Vatican Library, VAT. URB. EBR. 7
Isaac ben Ovadiah's Pentateuch
Vatican Library, VAT. EBR. 609
Ferrara Siddur, Ferrara, 1512
Vatican Library, VAT. ROSS. 328
Italian Pentateuch
Vatican Library, VAT. EBR. 437
Vatican Aristotle's Treatises, Spain, 1465/6
Vatican Library, VAT. NEOF. 47
Rossellos Pentateuch and Hagiographa
Vatican Library, VAT. EBR. 7
Sephardi Pentateuch, Haftarot and Hagiographa
Vatican Library, VAT. EBR. 447
Ibn Ezra's commentaries on Psalms and Scrolls
Vatican Library, VAT. EBR. 82
Ashkenazi Miscellany of Treatises
Vatican Library, VAT. EBR. 45
Vatican Kinot for the Ninth of Av
Vatican Library, VAT. EBR. 319
Meir Vatican Talmud-part II
Vatican Library, VAT. EBR. 118
Copenhagen Moreh Nevukhim
Det Kongelige Bibliothek, Cod.Heb.XXXVII
JTS Passover Mahzor (c.1300)
The Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS), ms. 4809
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