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Items in this category (32):
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The First Parma Haggadah Unknown
R. Elhanan's Pentateuch and Hagiographa Unknown
Vatican Sefer Or Ha-Sekhel Unknown
Vatican Italian Siddur Unknown
Vatican Medical Miscellany Unknown
Piskei R. Asher ben Yehiel Unknown
BnF Italian Moreh Nevukhim Unknown
Ambrosian Italian Miscellany Unknown
Shem-Tov Rashi's Commentary Unknown
Parma Psalter of the 15th century Unknown
Parma Spanish-Italian Bible Unknown
Parma Ashkenazi Haggadah Unknown
Parma Italian Hagiographa Unknown
Casanatense Bible Unknown
Casanatense Italian Bible Unknown
Casanatense Italian Pentateuch Unknown
Casanatense Italian Esther Scroll Unknown
Estense Liturgical Pentateuch Unknown
Vatican Italian Pentateuch Unknown
Rovigo Sefer ha-Ikkarim Unknown

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Children' items (87)
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20 objects in children categories:
Parma Psalter Unknown
Parma Roman Bible Unknown
~Siddur~ Unknown
Meshulam's Prophets Unknown
Harleian Hebrew Bible Unknown
Ferrara Siddur Unknown
Paduan Hagadah of 1794 Unknown
Bologna Canon of Medicine Unknown
Parma Samson Pentateuch Unknown
Angelica Italian Miscellany Unknown
Casanatense Florentine Bible Unknown
Vatican Roman Bible Unknown
Vatican Elia Haftarot Unknown
Vatican Mishneh Torah Unknown
Vatican ~Arba'ah Turim~ Unknown
Vatican Elia Psalms Unknown
Second Darmstadt Haggadah Unknown
Hamburg Halakhah Miscellany Unknown
Pesaro-Veneto Mahzor Unknown
Second Daniel Siddur Unknown

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