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The First New York Joel ben Simeon Haggadah Unknown
King's Bible Unknown
Regensburg Pentateuch Not relevant
Parma Roman Bible Unknown
First Kennicott Bible Unknown
Toledo Bible Unknown
Munich Rashi's Commentary on the Bible Unknown
Ferrara Siddur Unknown
The Tegernsee Haggadah Unknown
Zaragossa Bible Unknown
Romaniot Siddur Unknown
Poligny Liturgical Pentateuch Unknown
Ambrosian Italian Miscellany Unknown
Shem-Tov Rashi's Commentary Unknown
Ambrosian Bible Unknown
Ambrosian Nieto Prophets Unknown
Ambrosian donkey Pentateuch Unknown
Parma Psalter of the 15th century Unknown
Parma Samson Pentateuch Unknown
Parma Eliakim Mahzor Unknown

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