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Kaiser Octaviano Story in Yiddish

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The Emperor Octavianus condemns the Empress and their two babies to be burned
The Empress and her two babies in the forest
The ape snatches one of the Empress's babies
Selling the snatched child to the pilgrim Clemens
The griffin is riding the lioness which holds the second child
Exchange of two oxen for a falcon
Clemens about to strike Florens
King Dagobert receiving the envoy of Princess Marcebilla
Florens attacking the pagan giant king
Florens bringing the head of the giant king to Clemens
Florens abducts Marcebilla on his horse
King Dagobert knights Florens
Florens crossing the Seine to meet Marcebilla
Clemens riding the Sultan's unicorn
Florens and Marcebilla in a boat on their way to Paris
A pagan soldier takes Emperor Octavianus and Florens hostage
Lyon freeing Emperor Octavianus and Florens from the Turks
The joust of Lyon and a knight