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Magen David (See also: Six pointed star, Seal of Solomon)
Maisses Stories in Yiddish
Man, Ages of
Maritime symbols
Marriage (Not used; See: Wedding ceremony)
Mask (See also: Face)
Master and student (See also: Rabbis, the Five, of Benei Beraq and Ben Zoma under: Haggadah, Passover)
Maze (labyrinth)
Medical Examination Symptoms and Treatment (See also: Physician)
Menorah (See also: Menorah (central element of heraldic composition))
Meshal ha-Kadmoni, Book of (Listed according to the text of the book)
Messianic days
Micah, Book of
Midwives before Pharaoh (Not used; See: Pharaoh and midwives)
Mighty hand (Not used; See: God, Hand of)
Mikveh (Heb. מִקְוֶה; gathering of clear water)
Military maritime scene
Miriam (See also: Moses casts into the river)
Mirror (See also: One looks at the mirror under: Haggadah of Passover)
Mishnah (See also: Six books of the Mishnah; Zera’im, the first Seder of the Mishnah; Nashim, the third Seder of the Mishnah, Nezzikin, the fourthSeder of the Mishnah; Kodashim, the fifth Seder of the Mishnah; Tohorot, the sixth Seder of the Mishnah)
Mixed Species (Heb. כִּלְאַיִם; kilayim)
Mo'ed, the second Seder of the Mishnah
Moon (See also: Astronomy, New Moon)
Morning awakens (see also: Customs, Morning)
Morning star
Moses and Aaron
Moses (See also: Korah, Plagues, the Ten, Musā-Nāmeh, Book of, Moses, as one of the Ushpizin, Oral Law, Moses and Aaron teaching)
Mothers, the Four (See also: Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, Leah)
Mount (See also: Temple mount)
Mourning (See also: Mordecai in mourning (4:1) under: Esther, Book of)
Musā-Nāmeh, Book of
Musical Instruments (See also: Psalm 150, Musician, and Musical instruments used in the Temple)
Musical notation
Musician (See also: David as musician, Miriam with Musicians, Miriam playing and dancing under: Profession and under: Evronot, Book of)
Mythology (See: Cybele and Attis; Sphinx)