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Jacob (See also:Rebecca giving birth, Joseph meeting Jacob, Jacob, as one of the Ushpizin)
Jacob's sons (See also: Joseph meeting brethren in Dothan, Tribes/Sons of Israel)
Jacob's sons and daughter
Janus head
Jephthah, Daughter of
Jeremiah the Prophet
Jeremiah, Book of
Jerusalem (See also: Temple of Jerusalem, `And a drawn sword in his hands outstretched over Jerusalem, Next Year in Jerusalem, Jeremiah lamenting Jerusalem)
Jester (See also: Fool, Sons, the four, the son who does not know how to ask, Meshal ha-Kadmoni)
Jew, image of
Jewish agricultural commune
Jewish boy
Jewish cemetery
Jewish couple
Jewish man
Jewish quarter/street
Jewish Rulers and their relatives
Jewish woman (Not used; see: Sabbath, Kindling the lights o)
Jewish workers
Joash, King of Judah
Job, Book of
Jochebed (See also: Moses given to Jochebed, Moses casts into the flaming oven)
Joel, Book of
Jonah the Prophet
Jonah, Book of
Joseph (See also: Joseph (Tribes/Sons of Israel), Joseph, as one of the Ushpizin)
Judenstern Sabbath Lamp
Judith, Book of
Jug and Laver (Not used; See: Levi, Emblem of)
Judah ha-Nasi