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Aaron (See also: Miriam, Moses and Aaron)
Abel (See also: Cain)
Abihu and Nadab,Strange Fire
Abimelech, King of Gerar (See also: Abraham)
Abraham (See also: Isaac; Abraham, as one of the Ushpizin)
Acanthus Leaf
Acanthus scroll
Adam (See also: Adam and Eve)
Adam and Eve
Aliyah (See also: Pilgrimage)
Alphabet, Hebrew
Alms box
Altar (See also: Isaac, Sacrifice of)
Amos the Prophet
Amos, Book of
Angel (See also: Moses, Death, Moses receiving the Torah, Angels of Evil)
Animals and Beasts
Angel of Death (See also: Had Gadya (One Only Kid); Moses with the Angel of Death, Azrael (Samael), Moses, Death)
Animals, the Four (Mishnah, Pirkei Avot, 5:20)
Anointing in the shape of the letter Nun
Archer (See also: Sagittarius (Bow), Zodiac Sign of Kislev)
Armorial device (See also: Coat of arms)
Apocalyptic animals, the Four (Not used; See: Divine Chariot of Ezekiel`s Vision)
Asmodeus (Ashmedai; See also: Devil)
Astronomy (See also: Astronomer, Calendar, Hebrew, Evronot, Book of, Meshal ha-Kadmoni, Book of, Zodiac Signs)
Artist, self portrait
Ashlar Pattern
Atlas ( (See also: Caryatid)
Atonement, Day of (Yom Kippur)
Author (See also: Meshal ha-Kadmoni, Book of)
Avicenna (?)
Ark, Transport to Jerusalem and into the Tabernacle (II Samuel 6:12-15 and I Kings 8:1-11)
Atan mi`Pirqa (Not used; See: Synagogue, coming from Broader Term: Haggadah, Passover)
Amphora (See also: Jar of manna)
Azazel (Not used; See: Scapegoat Broader Term: Atonement, Day of)
Amuletic diagram
Agricultural laws which obtain in the Land of Israel (Not used; See: Mixed Species (Heb. כִּלְאַיִם; kilayim))
Anti-Frankist images