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[ T / Tribes/Sons of Israel (See also: [Red Sea]; [Encampment of the Tribes in the desert]; [Ephod]; [Armorial device]; [Hoshen]; [Jacob’s sons and daughter]; [Joseph and his brothers]; [Israel, Map of]; [Elim, Wells of]) ]

Asher (Tribes/Sons of Israel)

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JMNY Esther Scroll with Zodiac, Israelite Tribes, and Lions
*Manuscripts and Printed Books | Esther scroll (megillat Esther)

C | Columns | Twisted columns
L | Lion
E | Esther, Book of (following the order of the story) | Esther story protagonists
Z | Zodiac Signs | Libra (Scales), Zodiac Sign of Tishrei
Z | Zodiac Signs | Scorpio (Scorpion), Zodiac Sign of Heshvan
Z | Zodiac Signs | Capricorn (Kid), Zodiac Sign of Tevet
Z | Zodiac Signs | Aquarius (Bucket), Zodiac Sign of Shvat
Z | Zodiac Signs | Sagittarius (Bow), Zodiac Sign of Kislev
T | Tribes/Sons of Israel | Asher (Tribes/Sons of Israel)
T | Tribes/Sons of Israel | Judah (Tribes/Sons of Israel)
T | Tribes/Sons of Israel | Issachar (Tribes/Sons of Israel)
A | Acanthus Leaf
O | Ornamentation: | Cartouche

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