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[ **N / New Year (~Rosh Hashanah~; See also: [Isaac, Sacrifice of]) ]

Shofar (New Year); see also Shofar (in the Temple)

(of subject) 20 of 50 artpiece(s) in subject set as Shofar (New Year); see also Shofar (in the Temple):
Wooden Synagogue in Smotrych
*Architecture | *Religious and Ritual Structures | Synagogue

Iconographical Subject
Heraldic composition | Central element | Crown (central element of heraldic composition)
Heraldic composition | Supporters | Lion and unicorn
Species, the Four (Lulav, Hadas, Aravah, Ethrog; See also: Hoshanah Rabba)
New Year (Rosh Hashanah; See also: Isaac, Sacrifice of) | Shofar (New Year); see also Shofar (in the Temple)
Musical Instruments | Trumpet
Leviathan (See also Messianic days) | Leviathan biting his tail
Bull (See also Taurus (Bull), Zodiac Sign of Iyyar, Manasseh (Tribes/Sons of Israel))
Lion | Lion statant
Sanctuary | Sanctuary Implements | Tablets of the Law
Spies of Canaan return with grapes | Two bears carrying a cluster of grapes

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