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[ **M / Moses (See also: [Korah], [Plagues, the Ten], [Musā-Nāmeh, Book of], [Moses, as one of the ~Ushpizin~]) ]

Moses and Aaron

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Shiviti plaque
*The Synagogue Objects | Shiviti plaque (a plaque with the image of menorah and with the verse shiviti le-negdi tamid, Ps. 6:18)

Iconographical Subject
Heraldic composition | Supporters | Two lions
Heraldic composition | Central element | Medallion with inscription (central element of heraldic composition )
Crowns, the Four (listed according to Misnah, Avot 4:13) | Crown of Law (Crown of Torah)
Sanctuary | Sanctuary Implements | Menorah
Moses | Moses and the Decalogue
Moses | Moses and Aaron
Vase | Vase with flowers
Heraldic composition | Central element | Menorah (central element of heraldic composition)
Animals, the Four (Mishnah, Pirkei Avot, 5:20) | Lion (of the Four Animals)
Animals, the Four (Mishnah, Pirkei Avot, 5:20) | Deer (of the Four Animals)

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