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Presentation of the Jerusalem Index of Jewish Art

Subject: The Flood


Gerasa synagogue (Click to enlarge)
Gerasa Synagogue, mosaic floor Arabia, Gerasa, 5th-6th century CE
Coin, Asia Minor, Apamea Kibotos
Coin, Asia Minor, Apamea Kibotos, 3rd Century
Mopsohestya Synagogue, Missis
Mopsohestya Synagogue, Mosaic floor Anatolia, Misis, 5th-6th century
London Miscellany, fol. 251
London Miscellany, Northern France, ca.1280
Torah Crown, Odessa
Torah Crown, Russia, Odessa Late 19th century
Lancut synagogue, Bimah
Lancut synagogue, Poland, 18th century
Abel Pann, Noah's Ark
Abel Pann, Noah's Ark, 1930-57




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