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Jewish Faith, Jewish Life: The Jews in Goettingen and Lower Saxony, Germany

In conjunction with the Institut für Baugeschichte of the Technical University of Braunschweig, the Center for Jewish Art presented an exhibition on the history and culture of the Jews of Lower Saxony, Germany, concentrating especially on the area of Goettingen. The show was held at the State and University Library in Goettingen from April 14 to the end of May. Materials illustrating Jewish life in Germany were contributed by libraries, museums, and private collections throughout the region.

A large part of the exhibition was given over to a display of documentation of synagogues, mikvaot (ritual baths), cemeteries, and Jewish schools in Lower Saxony. This documentation was the fruit of a joint project of the Center for Jewish Art, directed by Dr. Aliza Cohen-Mushlin, and the Institut für Bau-und Stadtbaugeschichte, Fachgebiet Baugeschichte, headed by Prof. Dr. Harmen Thies of the Technische Universitat Braunschweig.

Three-dimensional computer reconstructions of two buildings were also shown at the exhibition, the former synagogue at Eldagsen and the Ohel (cemetery hall) in Braunschweig. These were executed by Dr. Sergei Kravtsov of the Center for Jewish Art using the ARC+ computer aided design program.

Over a period of only six weeks, more than 3,000 visitors visited the exhibition which was accompanied by a comprehensive German language catalogue, "Jüdischer Glaube - Jüdisches Leben." This includes articles about the joint documentation project in Lower Saxony, the Jewish religion, a history of the Jews at the University of Goettingen, as well as histories of some of the other Jewish communities in southern Lower Saxony. The great interest generated by the exhibition has stimulated plans for further exhibitions and symposia in North Germany.

Opening of the Goettingen Exhibition

Opening of the Goettingen Exhibition.


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