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Context: [ **H / Haggadah, Passover (Listed according to the text of the Haggadah; See also separate biblical subjects in this list) / The Main part of the Haggadah (arranged with the Ritual Acts (~Seder~ Signs) interspersed with the main components of the text of the Haggadah): / ~Maggid~ (the narration) / Maggid-11: ~Mishnah~ of Rabban Gamaliel / Rabban Gamaliel / Passover lamb (of Rabban Gamaliel) ]



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Haggadah shel Pesach Unknown

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Object ID: 1486
Seder plate Unknown
Object ID: 4815
Passover plate Unknown
Object ID: 18041
Mazah bag Unknown
Iconographical Subject
Passover lamb (Rabban Gamaliel)
Object ID: 33767
Passover (Seder) plate Unknown
Picture ID: 462
Yahuda Haggadah Not relevant
Picture ID: 3126
Murphy Haggadah Unknown
Picture ID: 9312
NL Joseph Leipnik Haggadah Unknown
Picture ID: 10599
Segre Modena Haggadah Unknown
Picture ID: 13492
Kabbalistic Commentary on the Pentateuch Unknown
Iconographical Subject
Passover lamb (Rabban Gamaliel)
Picture ID: 191020
Moroccan Prayer Book, Haggadah, and Sod Yesharim by Leon Modena Unknown
Picture ID: 219700
Greek Haggadah Unknown
Picture ID: 219701
Greek Haggadah Unknown
Picture ID: 219702
Greek Haggadah Unknown

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