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Context: [ J / Jan, Ira (Esther Slepian, painter, 1868-1919) ]



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Object ID: 33196
The Desert Dead (מתי מדבר) Unknown
Object ID: 34913
Illustration for Ch. N. Bialik's poem "In the City of Slaughter" (be'Eer haHariga), in Book of Poems (Odessa, 1908) Unknown
Iconographical Subject
Object ID: 34914
Opening page for Ch. N. Bialik's poem "The Desert Dead" (Metey Midbar) in Book Poems Unknown
Object ID: 34915
Opening page for Ch. N. Bialik's "Poems of Fury" (Mishirey haZa'am) Unknown
Iconographical Subject
Serpent (Snake)

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