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Esther, Book of (following the order of the story)

(of subject) 2 of 2 artpiece(s) in subject set as Esther, Book of (following the order of the story):

Narrower Term

Ahasuerus as the king over 127 provinces (Es. 1:1)
Ahasuerus' banquet (Es. 1:3-8)
Ahasuerus displaying the riches of his kingdom (Es. 1:4)
Vashti's banquet (Es. 1:9)
King and his courtiers (Es. 1:10)
Ahasuerus commanding his servant(s) to bring Vashti before him (Es. 1:10-11)
Vashti refusing King Ahasuerus' order (Es. 1:12)
Ahasuerus and the seven princes of Persia and Media (Es. 1:13-15)
Memucan advises the king regarding the fate of Vashti (Es. 1:19)
Ahasuerus banishes Vashti (not in the Book of Esther)
Execution of Vashti - beheading
Execution of Vashti - strangulation
Scribes write the king's decree (Es. 1:20)
Ahasuerus' messenger(s) (Es. 1:22)
Ahasuerus sending letters (Es. 1:22)
Esther and the maidens (Es. 2:1-14)
Maidens brought to Ahasuerus' court (Es. 2:1-4)
Mordecai the scholar (based on Bab. Talmud, Menahot 65a) )
Mordecai with young Esther (Hadassa) (Es. 2:7)
Hegai taking Esther and the maiden(s) to the palace (Es. 2:8)
Esther and maiden(s) are brought to the palace (Es. 2:8)
Esther’s arrival at the palace (Es. 2:8)
Esther and Hegai (Es. 2:8-10)
Seven maidens given to Esther (Es. 2:9)
Mordecai in front of the court of the women's house (Es. 2:11)
Esther going for her night with the king (Es. 2:15)
Esther presented before Ahasuerus (Es. 2:16)
Coronation of Esther (Es. 2:17)
Ahasuerus' and Esther's wedding
Esther's banquet (Es. 2:18)
Mordecai at the king's gate (Es. 2:19 and/or 2:21)
Plot of Bightan and Teresh against King Ahasuerus (Es. 2:21)
Mordecai with Bigthan and Teresh (Es. 2:21)
Esther informs King Ahasuerus about the plot against him (Es. 2:22)
Mordecai overhears the plot of Bigthan and Teresh (Es. 2:21-22)
Bigthan and Teresh hanged (Es. 2:23)
Ahasuerus promotes Haman to the position of vizier (Es. 3:1)
Mordecai refusing to bow down before Haman (Es. 3:2)
Servants bowing down before Haman (Es. 3:2)
King's servants talk to Mordecai (Es. 3:3)
Haman is informed about Mordecai (Es. 3:4)
Haman casting the lot/Pur (Es. 3:7)
Haman casting the lot/Pur - Haman aiming at the Zodiac wheel (based on Midrash)
Haman paying money to the king (Es. 3:9)
Haman entreats Ahasuerus to issue a decree destroying the Jews (Es. 3:9)
Ahasuerus handing his ring to Haman (Es. 3:10)
Scribe(s) writing Haman's decree (Es. 3:12)
Haman dictating the decree to scribe(s) (Es. 3:12)
Messenger(s) delivering the decree of Haman (Es. 3:13)
Feast of the king with Haman (Es. 3:15)
Mordecai in mourning (Es. 4:1)
Mordecai in front of the palace gate (Es. 4:2)
Jews mourning and praying (Es. 4:3)
Mordecai receiving clothes from Hatach (Es. 4:4)
Esther sends clothes for Mordecai (Es. 4:4)
Esther is informed of the plot by her maiden(s) and servant(s) (Es. 4:4)
Esther sends Hatach to speak to Mordecai (Es. 4:5)
Hatach before Mordecai (Es. 4:5-7)
Hatach before Esther (Es. 4:5 or 4:9)
Esther sending word to Mordecai (Es. 4:10 or 4:15-16)
Esther calling for a fast (Es. 4:16)
Fast of Esther (Not used; See: Esther calling for fasting)
Esther before the king (Es. 5:2)
Ahasuerus extending his scepter to Esther (Es. 5:2)
Esther touching the scepter (Es. 5:2)
Esther telling her request to Ahasuerus (Es. 5:3)
Esther's first banquet (Es. 5:5-8)
Mordecai does not bow down before Haman and causes his anger (Es. 5:9-10)
Haman recounting the glory of his wealth (Es. 5:10)
Haman builds gallows for Mordecai (Es. 5:14)
Gallows built for Mordecai (Es. 5:14)
Haman talks to his wife, Zeresh, and friends (Es. 5:14)
Sleepless night of the king (Es. 6:1)
Ahasuerus listening to the Book of Records (Es. 6:1-3)
Ahasuerus reading the Book of Records (Es. 6:1-3)
Haman in the courtyard of the royal palace (Es. 6:4-5)
Ahasuerus asks Haman how to honour a man he wishes to reward (Es. 6:5-10)
Haman leading the royal steed to Mordecai for his parade (Es. 6:10)
Mordecai as a teacher (Midrash...)
Three boys reciting biblical verses to Mordecai (Midrash megillat Esther, Eisenstein, Parasha 4:1)
Haman brings clothes for Mordecai (Es. 6:10)
Haman prepares Mordecai for the parade (Bab. Talmud, Megillah 16a)
Mordecai climbing on the horse using Haman's back (Bab. Talmud, Megillah 16a)
Mordecai's triumph (Es. 6:11)
Haman's daughter empties a chamber pot on her father's head (Bab. Talmud, Megillah 16a)
Haman's daughter death (Midrash...)
Haman hastening to his house (Es. 6:12)
Haman warned by Zeresh and his friends (Es. 6:13)
Haman brought to Esther's banquet (Es. 6:14)
Esther's second banquet (Es. 7:1)
Esther pleads with Ahasuerus to save Jewish people (Es. 7:3)
Esther accuses Haman before the king (Es. 7:6)
Ahasuerus gets up and leaves to the palace garden (Es. 7:7)
Angels cutting down trees in the palace garden (based on Bab. Talmud, Megillah 16a)
Ahasuerus returns from the palace garden (Es. 7:8)
Haman falling on Esther's bed (Es. 7:8)
Haman begging for his life (Es. 7:8)
Harbona suggests to hang Haman (Es. 7:9)
Haman hanged (Es. 7:10)
Ahasuerus giving Esther the house of Haman (Es. 8:1)
Haman's house (based on Es. 8:1)
Mordecai before Ahasuerus (Es. 8:1)
Ahasuerus gives his ring to Mordecai (Es. 8:2)
Esther at Ahasuerus' feet, pleading he annuls Haman's decree (Es. 8:3)
Ahasuerus extending his scepter to Esther (Es. 8:4)
Ahasuerus speaks to Esther and Mordecai (Es. 8:7-8)
New decree allowing the Jews to defend themselves (Es. 8:8-10)
King's scribe(s) (Es. 8:9)
Mordecai writing the king's decree (Es. 8:10)
Ahasuerus' messenger(s) (Es. 8:14)
Mordecai before Ahasuerus in royal apparel (Es. 8:15)
The Jews had light, and gladness, and joy, and honour (Es. 8:16-17)
Jews defend themselves (Es 9:2)
Jews battle their enemies (Es. 9:5-12)
Jews fighting (Es. 9:5, 15)
Esther asks the king for an additional day of fighting (Es. 9:13)
Esther asks the king to hang Haman's sons (Es. 9:13)
Haman's sons hanged (Es. 9:14)
Zeresh lamenting
Additional day of fighting (Es. 9:15-16)
The fear of the Jews fell upon them (Es. 9:17)
First Purim feast (Es. 9:17-23)
Celebration of the Jews of Shushan (Es. 9:19)
Sending portions one to another (Es. 9:22)
Sending gifts to the poor (Es. 9:22)
Esther before the king (Es. 9:25)
Haman and his ten sons hanged (Es. 9:25)
Mordecai and Esther writing the Purim letter (Es. 9:29)
Esther confirms the second letter of Purim (Es. 9:29)
Esther writing the Purim letter (Es. 9:29)
Mordecai writing the Purim letter (Es. 9:29)
Messenger(s) delivering the letter to all provinces (Es. 9:30)
And the king Ahasuerus laid a tribute upon the land, and upon the isles of the sea (Es. 10:1)
Ship(s) going out to sea (based on Es. 10:1)
Mordecai as viceroy to the king (Es. 10:3)
The triumph of the Jews (Es. 8:1 - 10:3)
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