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Tamid (the morning service in the Temple)

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Mishnayot by Willem Surenhuis
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Iconographical Subject
Offerings | Bringing menahot to the priests
Temurah (the substitution of one sacrificial animal by another )
Arakhin (estimations of the 'market value' of a person, field or object)
Redemption of firstborn he-asses (Ex. 13:2,12–15; 34:19–20)
Redemption of the Firstborn (Pidyon Ha-Ben)
Tamid (the morning service in the Temple)
Slaughtering animals and birds for meat for ordinary use
Keritot (sins punishable by premature or sudden death)
Me’ilah (Sacrilege or Trespass of property belonging to the Temple)
Sacrifice of animals | Sacrifice of the holy animals at the Temple
Kinnim (nests; the offering of birds)
Illustrative medallion
Illustrative panel
Moses | Moses pointing with his rod to the Service at the Tempe of Jerusalem

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