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Illustrative Initial-word panel

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Prato Haggadah
*Manuscripts and Printed Books | Passover Haggadah

Iconographical Subject
Haggadah, Passover (Listed according to the text of the Haggadah; See also separate biblical subjects in this list) | The Main part of the Haggadah (arranged with the Ritual Acts (Seder Signs) interspersed with the main components of the text of the Haggadah): | Maggid (the narration) | Maggid-5: The baraita of the Four Sons | Sons, the Four, the wise son
Hybrid animal (See also Griffin)
Ornamentation: | Foliate and floral ornaments | Foliate scrolls
Hare | Hare hunt
Illustrative Initial-word panel
Ornamentation: | Decorative Initial-word panel (no animals or human figures within the panel)
Hybrid animal (See also Griffin) | Two-legged hybrid
Ornamentation: | Descender, decorated

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