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Red Heifer (See also: Shabbat Parah)

(of subject) 7 of 7 artpiece(s) in subject set as Red Heifer (See also: Shabbat Parah):
Kalonymus Bible
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Iconographical Subject
Red Heifer

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Mishnayot by Willem Surenhuis
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Iconographical Subject
Illustrative medallion
Kelim (vessels susceptible to impurity)
Oholot (impurity arising from the overshadowing of a dead person)
Nega’im (uncleanness relating to leprosies)
Red Heifer
Tohorot (on conditions rendering foods unclean)
Mikveh (Heb. מִקְוֶה; gathering of clear water)
Women's Three Special Commandments: Sabbath candles, Hallah and Niddah | Niddah: Bathing in the Mikveh | Niddah: Woman lying in bed
Makhshirim (on the fluids rendering food susceptible to becoming ritually impure)
Zavim (uncleanness from gonorrhea)
Tevul Yom (uncleanness lasting until the sunset): Bathing in the waters
Yadayim (uncleanness of unwashed hands and their purification)
kẓin (uncleanness transferred by the stalks or husks of fruits or plants

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