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(VII) Img. ID: 9186 NL Mishneh Torah, Fol. 185, Spain, 1460 edit  
Category: Hebrew Illuminated Manuscripts

General Document

2 Name/Title NL Mishneh Torah | Unknown
3a Object Mishneh Torah by Maimonides
3b Object Detail Fol. 185
4a Artist/ Maker Unknown (Unknown)
5 Date 1460
5a Activity Dates
5b Reconstruction Dates
6 Period Unknown
6a Period Detail
7 Origin Spain
8 Community Sephardi
9 Collection Israel | Jerusalem | National Library of Israel (NLI)
| Heb. 4 1447
9a Documentation / Research project Unknown
10 Location Israel | Jerusalem | National Library of Israel (NLI)
11 Site Unknown
12 School/Style Unknown|
13 Iconographical Subject Temple, Plan of |
14 Category
17 Photographer Unknown
18 Photograph Date
19 Negative/ Photo. No.
19a Scan No.
20 Description

Fol. 185: Almost a fullpage is a rectangular ground plan of the entire

Temple with "west" at the top מערב"east" at the bottom,מזרח"south" on the left and דרום
 "north" on the right צפון . The Temple consists of three main sections: the Heikhal with
its three main parts; the Hall, the Holly and the Holy of Holies;
אולם, קדש, קדש הקדשים
the Azarah containing the Court of the Priests and the Court
of the Israelites; and to the
 east of the Temple, the Court of the Women.
 שער האולם
 "The Gate of the Hall" leads to the
 "Hall", above which is
 שער הגדול
the "Large gate" leading to the
קדש הקדשים
The "Holy of Holies" is surrounded by eight walls.
The width and the length of the Heikhal is 100 amot.
IJA 0009616 DES L On the south three gates are shown, inscribed from top to
 שער הדלק
 the "Gate of Fuel",
 שער הקרבן
 the "Gate of Sacrifice" and
שער המים
 the "Water Gate".
 On the north, from top to bottom, is inscribed:
שער הנצוץ
 the "Gate of Flame",
 שער הקרבן
 the "Gate of Sacrifice",
)שער בית המקוד )המוקד
 the "Gate of the House of Hearth".
 The House of Hearth is depicted to the north of the Gate as
an elongated structure with four rectangulars inside, indicated the
 four chambers,inscribed:
 לשכת עושי לחם הפנים
 "the chamber of the Shewbread Maker"
 בה גנזו אבני המזבח
 the place where the "stones of the altar were hidden",
 פה יורדי)ן( לבית הטבילה
 the place where one "descends to the immersion", the fourth
chamber is not inscribed.
 The width of the entire Azarah is "187 amot".(inscribed at
the bottom of the plan) . The length is "187 amot". (inscribed on the extreme
 Below the Heikhal is the
 עזרת כהנים. אחת עשר אמה
 "Court of Priests", it is "11 amah" width.
 The sections are inscribed from north to south: from the
northen wall to the "Slaughtering place"
"eight" amot.
 מטבחים . שתים עשר ומחצה
 "Slaughtering place" is "12 and a half" (amot).
 .שלחנות. שמונה
 "8" (amot) were occupied by the place of the "Tables",
beside, is
 מקום הטבעות. עשרים וארבע אמות
 the "place of Rings", which is "24 amot" width;
 מזבח. שלושים ושתים
 the "Altar of Sacrifice" is "32" (amot), inscribed on its
two sides.
 כבש שלשים
 Next to it is the "Ramp 30" (amot), between the "Ramp" and
the southern wall
IJA 0009616 DES H שתים עשרה ומחצה
IJA 0009616 DES L "12,5" (amot). Above the altar is
IJA 0009616 DES H .כיור. עשרים ושתים
IJA 0009616 DES L the "Laver" "22" (amot).
IJA 0009616 DES H עלית בית אבטינס
IJA 0009616 DES L To the extreme left is the "Upper Chamber (Attic) of Beit
 עזרת ישראל
The "Court of the Israelits" is below the "Court of
Priests". It consists of 8 chambers. To the south are three chambers, inscribed
from top to bottom:
 לשכת המדיחין
 the "Chamber of Rinsing",
 לשכת הפרוה
the "Chamber of Fur" and
 לשכת המלח
 the "Chamber of Salt". On the north from top to bottom are
 לשכת הגולה
 the "Chamber of Ball" and
לשכת הגזית
 the "Chamber of Hewn Stone".
 )לשכת העץ והיא לשכת פלהדרין )פרהדרין
 The "Wood Chamber" is behind the two others. Two other
Chambers are:
 לשכת פנחס המלביש
the "Chamber of Phinhas the keeper of the vestments" and to
the left is
 לשכת בית עושי חביתין
 the "Chamber of Makers of the Baked Cakes". All the chambers
are according to Mishnah, Midot, 5:3-4.
 Between the "Court of Israelits" and
עזרת נשים
 the "Court of Women" is "135" (amah length).
 שער הניקנור
 the "Niqanor Gate". In the four corners of the "Court of
Women" are four chambers:
 לשכת הנזירים
the "Chamber of the Nazirites" in the south-east corner,
DES H לשכת דיר העצים
the "Chamber of Woodshed" in the nourth-west corner,
 לשכת המצורעין
the "Chamber of Lepers" in the north-east corner and
לשכת בית השמנים
the "Chamber of the House of Oil" in the south-west corner.

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