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(VII) Img. ID: 6801 Tiered Seder plate of Rabbi Avraham Yaakov Friedman of Sadigora (?), , Russia, 1859? edit  
Category: Sacred and Ritual Objects

General Document

2 Name/Title Tiered Seder plate of Rabbi Avraham Yaakov Friedman of Sadigora (?) | Unknown
3a Object Passover (Seder) plate
3b Object Detail
4a Artist/ Maker Unknown (Unknown)
5 Date 1859?
5a Activity Dates
5b Reconstruction Dates
6 Period Unknown
6a Period Detail
7 Origin Russia
8 Community Ashkenazi | Hasidic
9 Collection Israel | Mishkan Museum of Art, Ein Harod
| 115
9a Documentation / Research project Unknown
10 Location Unknown|
11 Site Unknown
12 School/Style Unknown|
13 Iconographical Subject Moses |
14 Category
17 Photographer Salmon, Naomi
18 Photograph Date 1994
19 Negative/ Photo. No. 2-26-32, 4-12, 8-23
19a Scan No. 0052060
20 Description

The seder plate consist of a body, a base and a handel.

The body is cylindrical lowl shaped with convex bottom and concave upper part. it is rests on three legs in a shape of a scrolling vine with leaves and brunches. The bottom is decorated with petal like design composed of scrolls, foliates and flowers. The handles in a shape of swans with raised wings. On the front side there is rectangular narrow holes for inserting of three trays.

Each tray decorated with foliate scrolls and has a lock which decorated with three leaves connected by a pair of barries. The plate bears depicting pictures ( from the right to the left): buildings; Exodus (Mosses laedind his people while he is caried on 12 waves) and the Egyptians are falling into the sea; a gout between two trees above them a bird; alongated building with two flags above it a bird. The trays are made from raund hoops with lattiee work inside composed of triangular in a circle composing a Star of David. The front part of each hoop is decorated with scroll foliate and flowers design with the saue handle. Each tray has a velvet round cover inside the cover is flat with wavy edge.

Description on the first tray hoop (from above) on the right side: "Seven days shall ye eat unleavened bread" (Exodus,13:6) "שבעת ימים מצות תאכלו" On the left in a medalion: "wisdom" "חכמה" On the second tray hoop on the right: "At even ye shall eat unleavened bread" (Exodus, 12:18) "בערב תאכלו מצות" On the left: "understanding" "בינה" On the third tray hoop, the inscription on the right side: "and unleavened bread; and with bitter herbs they shall eat it" (Exodus,12:8) "ומצות על מרורים יאכלו" On the left: "knowledge" "ודעת"

There are six dishes on it. Two are with oval body and oval bases decorated with foliate design. Two are with raund base and decorated with foliet design, two are in a shape of conus and a base in a shape of a leaf decorated with scrolls.

On the body there are two small amphoras with expelling leaves and fruits. From each vase a vine with leaves and grapes expells and support a crown decorated with filigree scrolls and flowers. Between a crest and an apex there is decoration of acorms alternatiny with three leaves. The apex is globular surmounted by a bird. Seven bells are alternuating with the arms of the crown. a bell biger than the others is hanging in it`s centre.

21 Ornamentation
22 Custom
23 Contents
24 Codicology
24a Scribes
24b Script
24c Number of Lines
24d Ruling
24e Pricking
24f Quires
24g Catchwords
24h Hebrew Numeration
24i Blank Leaves

25 Material/Technique
Silver##Structure: cast,hammered,rased ##Decoration: stamped, repouse, engraved, punched ##Bonding: secreued, soldered## Inscription: engraved
25a Material Structure
25b Material Decoration
25c Material Bonding
25d Material Inscription
25e Material Additions
25f Material Cloth
25g Material Lining
25h Tesserae Arrangement
25i Density
25j Colors
25k Construction Material

26 Measurements
26a Height 610mm (all the four levels)
26b Length
26c Width
26d Depth
26e Circumference
26f Thickness
26g Diameter 1060mm (each plate)
26h Weight
26i Axis
26j Panel Measurements
27 Direction/Location
27a Façade (main)
27b Entrances
27c Location of Torah Ark
27d Location of Apse
27e Location of Niche
27f Location of Reader's Desk
27g Location of Platform
27h Temp: Architecture Axis
27i< Arrangement of Seats
27j Location of Women's Section
27k Direction Prayer
27l Direction Toward Jerusalem

28 Coin
28a Coin Series
28b Coin Ruler
28c Coin Year
28d Denomination

29 Signature
30 Colophon
31 Scribal Notes
32 Watermark
33 Hallmark
33a Group
33b Subgroup
33c Hallmark Identification
33d Hallmark Group Classification
33e Hallmark Reference
34 Trade Mark
35 Binding
36 Decoration Program
36 Summary and Remarks

Goldman Ida identified this Seder Plate as belonging to Rabbi Avraham Yaakov Friedman of Sadigora on the basis of the verbal description given by Itzhak Even. Even wrote that the plate was presented by the rich Russian Hasidim of the Rabbi after his recovery from illness in 1859.

38 Suggested Reconstruction
39 History/Provenance
40 Main Surveys & Excavations
41 Condition
42 Biography
43 Bibliography
Batsheva Goldman Ida, “Ha-hefetz ha-tiksi ha-hasidi” (Ph.D. thesis, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2007), pp. 115-150. Itzhak Even, Funem rebens hoyf: zikhroynes un mayses gezehen, gehert un nochdertselt (New York, 1922), p. 213.
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:NO : Sc.11204
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