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(VII) Img. ID: 3382 Torah shield, , Poland, 1850-1902 edit  
Category: Sacred and Ritual Objects

General Document

2 Name/Title Torah shield | Unknown
3a Object Torah shield
3b Object Detail
4a Artist/ Maker Unknown (Unknown)
5 Date 1850-1902
5a Activity Dates
5b Reconstruction Dates
6 Period Unknown
6a Period Detail
7 Origin Poland
| ?
8 Community Unknown |
9 Collection Ukraine | Kiev | Museum of Historical Treasures of Ukraine
| DM 2121
9a Documentation / Research project Unknown
10 Location Unknown|
11 Site Unknown
12 School/Style Unknown|
13 Iconographical Subject Lion and unicorn
Tablets of the Law (central element of heraldic composition)
Priestly Blessing
Crown of Priesthood |
14 Category
17 Photographer Radovan, Zev
18 Photograph Date 1992
19 Negative/ Photo. No. 547-30, 550-26, 551-12 (hallmarks)
19a Scan No.
20 Description

The silver Torah shield is rectangular and terminats by a hemicircular arch.

The Tables of the Covenant are depicted in the centre, inscribed with the begining of the ten comandments. The tablets are flanked by a unicorn on right and by a lion on left. The two beasts are depicted in their bust, back to back while the unicorn that has a collar around his neck, is regardant, the crowned lion is gardant and has a human face.

Above the tablets is a stripe bearing a dedicatory inscription. In two lines from rihgt to left in square and blacked letters it reads:

"ז"נ )זו נדבת( ר' אברהם ב"ר )בן רבי( לוי הכהן עם בנו)י( שמואל"

"This is a donation of Rabbi Avraham son of Rabbi Levi Ha-Cohen with his son Shmuel."

The stripe is surmounted by the joined hands of the priestly benediction on which a crown is mounted. The fingers and the crown are rased over the shields upper border. Below the tablets is a medallion bearing the date. In square filed letters it reads:

"שנת ##תרס"ב" "The year (5)662 (1902)"

The lower inscription which mentions the year 1902 is wreeten over an old inscription that was erased and there are just unclear remains of it.  The date 1902, inscribed over an old inscription can not serve as an indication for the time that the shield was produced and a earlier date must be accounted.

The medallion is surrounded by a flower like frame and is flanked on both sides by a horn of planty from which emerge flowers and leaves . A similar design of flowers forms a background to the upper part of the Torah shield which is all framed by a wieded line.

21 Ornamentation
Horn of plenty
22 Custom
23 Contents
24 Codicology
24a Scribes
24b Script
24c Number of Lines
24d Ruling
24e Pricking
24f Quires
24g Catchwords
24h Hebrew Numeration
24i Blank Leaves

25 Material/Technique
Silver ## Structure: Cut ## Decoration: repousse, punched, engraved. ## Inscription: engraved. ##Bonding: Soldered, screwed.
25a Material Structure
25b Material Decoration
25c Material Bonding
25d Material Inscription
25e Material Additions
25f Material Cloth
25g Material Lining
25h Tesserae Arrangement
25i Density
25j Colors
25k Construction Material

26 Measurements
26a Height 207 mm
26b Length
26c Width
26d Depth
26e Circumference
26f Thickness
26g Diameter
26h Weight
26i Axis
26j Panel Measurements
27 Direction/Location
27a Façade (main)
27b Entrances
27c Location of Torah Ark
27d Location of Apse
27e Location of Niche
27f Location of Reader's Desk
27g Location of Platform
27h Temp: Architecture Axis
27i< Arrangement of Seats
27j Location of Women's Section
27k Direction Prayer
27l Direction Toward Jerusalem

28 Coin
28a Coin Series
28b Coin Ruler
28c Coin Year
28d Denomination

29 Signature
30 Colophon
31 Scribal Notes
32 Watermark
33 Hallmark
There are three hallmarks near the center of the lower border.##1. The halmark depicts two crosed lines and unidentified elements within an arched frame. This hallmark is unidentified.##
2. Attached to the first hallmark is another one which depicts the cypher :12, within a rectangular frame. This is a quality mark that was used in different places in easter Europe, by itself it is unidentified.
There is a possibility that these two hallmarks are united to one hallmark.##3. The hallmark depicts cfthe initials: WI, or IM, within a rectangular frame. This halmark is unidentified.
33a Group
33b Subgroup
33c Hallmark Identification
33d Hallmark Group Classification
33e Hallmark Reference
34 Trade Mark
35 Binding
36 Decoration Program
36 Summary and Remarks
The date 1902, inscribed over an old inscription can not serve as an indication for the time that the shield was produced and a earlier date must be accounted.
38 Suggested Reconstruction
39 History/Provenance
The Kiev Collection.
40 Main Surveys & Excavations
41 Condition
The chain is missing.
42 Biography
43 Bibliography
Wien, Kunsthis. Mus., Thora (Ukraine), 1993, p.153, no. 48. Masterpiece-silver, Moscow, 1992, no. 42.
43a Short Name
43b Full Name
43c Volume
43d Page

44 Type
45 Temp: Batch Number
034 | 078
46 Temp: Aleph Number
47 Temp: Sys. Number / Doc. Name
48 Temp: Addenda
:NO : Sc.8061
:MED : Metal
:MW : 176 mm

Function: Name: Date:
49 Documenter P.F. (M.T.) 6.1992 49a
50 Researcher 50a
51 Architectural Drawings 51a
52 Computer Reconstruction 52a
53 Section Head 53a
54 Editor 54a
55 Donor 55a